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How do you deal with this?

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I'm on a animal rescue e-mail group and receive e-mails of urgent situations all the time. This one tops them all. How does a person respond to something like this? It's like a hole in a dam that's about to burst!! (I've removed the names to protect privacy.)

There are animals needing help URGENTLY at the xxx Animal Shelter. 160 basenjis were brought in last night from a puppy mill. They are all adults and all pure basenjis. They seem to be in good health. Today they are going back for the cats. We were told
approximately 20-30 cats, but we were also told 90 animals altogether, so who knows what will be brought in. The animals already at xxx are in grave danger of being put down due to the lack of space. One dog in particular is a beautiful 2 year old female spayed huskey, chocolate and white. She is in immediate danger right now. yyy rescue will try to take out what we can, but we can't take very many. We need people to help with transportation to rescue groups for this situation. If there is anyone who can help, please let me know or contact xxx directly. There are a lot of really nice animals in there, kittens and cats, puppies and dogs. If yyy rescue can help in any way, we will do our best.
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You just do your best, and you don't over-do. You learn to make the tough decisions about who lives and who doesn't and you try to live with yourself for making such decisions. I get heartbreaking emails every day about cats being misunderstood by their owners- sometimes I wonder what possesses these people to even think they qualify to be that animal's owner.
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Bless your heart Momofmany , this is so hard . I have a very soft heart for animals and reading that almost breaks my heart . Maybe if you focus on the good things will help and not on the bad one's .
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It is so hard, I can completey relate to this. I am also on a mailing list for an against animal cruelty site and I am in 2 complete minds. On one hand I dont want to know because it makes me so upset and keeps me up at night in tears, but on the other I feel that is my duty to know because If I dont care about the horrible acts being done to these animals then who will. Of course there are others on the mailing list and I know there are other kind people in the world that do care but I feel like I have to take it on my shoulders but that is just not possible. You can only do what you can do, there is probably and sadly a lot more of this happening than we are even aware of (not very comforting I know) but the fact that you care and try to help is so much more than some people. I think its wonderful that you are helping in whatever capacity you can.
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