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Just Wondering??

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I am just wondering how many of us, when we have a free minute at work, or not, take at peak at this site, and read and post away.
I am guilty may not of posting much, but definitely reading everything that is going on with everyone.

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I don't have to worry about that; since I am retired, but I know some of us are quilty. . . . :jarswim:
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Although I am trying to cut back,
somedays it's just too hard :LOL:
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Not Guilty!

Don't even have access to the net in my classroom. I actually work at work (except for 30 minute duty-free lunch).

No, this is my spare time here, which serves to comment on my current status of having a life.
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I'm still pretty new, here, being brought in by a friend active in the "Max" the cat trials...but this is just the place I've been looking for. I have been one to take in stray cats and, at times, have had up to 32 cats at once in my home. Its nice to have a place to come and chat with people who understand *why* I do it

Since my work is at home, I'm on the 'net all the time.


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Guilty as charged. But I don't care. My work is always done when I check out the site. And I am almost never online at home. Too much to do there.
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during my computers class last school year, I was always about a week ahead (my class was really stupid). so in my free time, I would spend a good deal of my time here, reading and posting. who cares if we're not supposed to use the internet for "educational purposes only"? I'm learning, aren't I?
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All the time I spend here is from home, but since I work 3 and have 4 off, its easy to rack up the posts! :laughing2:

I wish there was a computer at work, if there was, there'd be a lot less hangovers, cuz I'd be one lousy, inattentive (broke and tipless, TIP not TOP) bartender! :LOL:

Maybe it's better that we dont have one....

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All these people posting at work sure does explain why this site is so dead on the weekends!
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