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Ted's temp job

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is over again!!!!!!!!!!! We can't keep living like this!!!!!!!!!!
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Man that really sucks I am sorry that you both have to keep going through this.

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((((((Sherral))))))) I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope things turn around soon! Positive vibes are coming your way!
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Sorry to hear that Sherral. But you know, a temp job is better than no job at all. (Trying to find that silver lining again....)
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I think everything happens for a reason, something better will happen.
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oh no that is awful, but think postive maybe something better will come along, i hope so, hang in there Sherral
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sending u positive vibes... hang in there
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Hi Sherral, that is what happens with temp jobs, they usually go away. I hope he finds another job soon and this one will be permanent. At least you are working- so that is a bright spot.
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I understand the frustration. Hopefully something permanent will come along quickly for him.
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Positive vibes are on the way!
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How Sad! Positive vibes Teds way that he gets a permanent job!
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Sherral - is there any way that TEd can work with you at the hotel until he finds something different? Didn't you say you are short staffed?
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Thanks everyone.My boss won't hire any family of a worker.And we could use anybody we can get our hands on right now.We have been booked full for a week now (61) room's with 3 housekeeper's!They will only be here intill Saturday,so he won't hire anyone right now ,we have no idea if we would need them next week. (ice skate final's)So everyone is working long day's.(checkout is going to be a bear!!!)I'm sure Ted will get something soon.I just worry because I have 6 grandchildern,and christmas is soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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