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Do your cats favor you or your spouse over each other? For instance.. I am convinced Saki likes my fiancee more than me *sob* lol. He gives him way more head bonks and licks and kisses than he does me. In the morning he comes to lay on Jim's chest and frantically licks his face, eyes, chin, nipples ( ) and then he'll come give me a bonk or two, and eye lick frantically, but then back he goes over to Jim.

Even last nite we were sitting on the couch and he came up and went "MEOWWWWW!!!" really loud then attacked Jim with love while I sat there like this lol.

Maybe he just likes males better?? Maybe its his goatee that he likes to rub his face on?? Maybe I should grow a beard..

Zoey loves me better though...
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Yup, Ophelia definitely favors Earl. Which really irritates me at times since I am the one who spent every night in the room with her (and Trent) socializing her when she was a kitten. I'm the one who feeds, waters, cleans the litter, gives the treats.....and yet she adores him.

Trent is definitely Mommy's Boy, though so I guess it works out. But Earl still gets lots of loves from Trent. I mainly get "the look" from Ophelia.
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Peedoodle favours Jake more - every morning and every night, he sits on Jake's chest. Rarely, he sits on mine.

But Kahu follows me everywhere, we have this game we play every night when he tries to pull my hair tie out. I win every time. He even purred today when I picked him up!
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Ugh. When we're laying down watching tv, Roxy will sniff me, then walk over and lay on my bf Bryan's lap, or in between his legs, or on his head.. But for me, nope. But he also has a tendency to bite, scratch, and attack Bryan and he doesn't even think about doing it to me except on very rare occasions, so I consider it an even trade.

On the other hand, Bryan's cat LOVES me, as soon as I go to his place Tigger will run full speed and jump on my lap and sit there until I leave, while she just rolls her eyes at Bryan..
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Don't grow a beard Sicy. You'd look funny! And Saki loves you...I'm sure it's just a male bonding thing!
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me and rich have teams Cats just pick there people!

I have
Neo, Nimbus & granet

and rich has
MoeMoe, Marble, sebastian

The rest of the kitties like us both the same

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YES!!Socks favors me and Fluffy favors John lol
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omg this is so funny! I swear I was like, is there something wrong with me?? It MUST be a male bonding thing! Just like Val, I am the one that feeds him, cleans his litterbox, picks him up and hugs and kisses him and what does he do? Go straight to Jim to get love! Little stinker!!!

Well at least Zoey loves me.. *sniff*
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Simba seems to prefer me - he's always on my lap if it's available, and at night he snuggles with me and sleeps there all night. He will snuggle with my husband if I'm not around, but mostly he just walks across his face to get to me in the bed.

Our first cat, Lucie, was supposed to be my cat. I wanted a cat, husband wanted a dog, so we got one of each. Lucie adored my husband and didn't have the time of day for me (unless I was holding a can of Pounce).
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Elwood is a total mommas boy. So bad that I can't leave a room for two seconds and come back. He's always following me and head bonking me and asking for love! Jake was more stand off-ish when he was younger but recently he's been getting quite lovey. However, he's still Bruce's boy. In the end though, their both mine.
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Both of my boys seem to favor me more than they do Ken.

Saki loves his Mommy too
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Oh yeah! Spot's a little traitor! If Spot is laying in MY lap and Keith walks in, he bolts straight to Keith's lap little nerd
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Hmmmmm where do start , I have to many
But for sure Jasmine, Calipso ,Angel , Darling , Thailee and Mozart like me more . There is Malachi , Buddy and Moses and they like Mike more for sure . But the rest like us all , Ahhhh forgot Snowball and Mellisa , those 2 are my sons best buddys .
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Rowdy is Daddy's girl. She never sits on my lap.

Opie divides his time, fairly evenly. Bill gets him, in the afternoons and I get Opie, at bedtime.

Buddy spreads it around, too. He isn't much of a lap-sitter but, he starts out the night, next to Bill and moves over by me, when Opie vacates.
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Yup! Now it makes sense with my older cats from when I was single, but with younger cats from after we married, there was a clear choice made...Roo adores me (though he'll gladly take backskritches from my DH) and Dee lives just for my DH (though he'll trot alongside me as he escorts me from room to room and gives me lovely nose kisses).
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Man, this sucks! LOL!!!
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I think My cats both favor my husband. I am just an annoyance to them, I think! I'm always grabbing them and kissing them and smothering them with affection (it's hard to keep my hands off of them!) Hubby plays fetch with Jake every night when he gets home from work and he just LOVES to play fetch. Bunnie lets him pick her up and snuggle her more than she lets me. It does hurt a little, I must admit. Sometimes it does bug me, but not too much. I still get my snuggles in, even if I have to sneak up on them!!!
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both boy boy and meow meow likes my mom.. for the most obvious reasons... my mom spends more time with them compared to me.. no doubt i feed them, bathe them, change their cat litter and all... they just like my mom... however, boy boy likes me slightly more than meow meow does...
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Yep.Most of my kitties like me better,but one of the last 2 kittens we got Ruby loves Mike better.I am the one that does everything for them,too,so I don't know what it is.

She will come and lay with me sometimes when he's not here,but if he is here she lays on him,head bonks,licks him etc..She will even take her paw and pat him on the hand if he's not paying any attention to her.LOL.It's like she is saying "Hello??I'm right here.PET ME!!!LOL.
On the other hand her brother,Max,is totally MY baby.He is such a sweetie.
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i guess if it came down to it, Blackie likes hubby better, but Stripey is a mamas boy for sure, but i agree im the one who cleans the pan feeds and brushes and all that good stuff, hubby just plays and loves on them
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Yes...patches sleeps with us,she always sleeps on Keith's side
the little stinker lol and she snuggles with him on the couch.
But when im on the computer she lays by my feet and likes
to play with me
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Well Sicy, if you grow a beard, don't forget to keep it trimmed-

With so many cats here, each one has a favorite adult they hang with. Cleo allows me to pick him up, he runs from Mike. Whisp runs from me, and runs toward Mike- Kabota climbs up my leg, and growls at Mike- LOL
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Every one of mine have their favorite parent: Scarlett and Stumpy are my husbands and the rest are mine. They love us both, but one more than the other (except Tigger won't have anything to do with Steve).

Interesting that Scarlett and Stumpy are the alpha female/male in the house and they attach to dad. He swears that he controls the pecking order with his favoritisms. One day I'll ask a behaviorist about this.
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I think Patches prefers my roomate... Because she sleeps with her at night and when she comes home from work Patches greets her at the door and meows too. But when I come home... I open up the door and off she runs into the hallway ignoring me. But Tiger, she prefers me. She is always rubbing against me and following me around the apartment. And she meows at me and sleeps with me too.
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When we first got Rowdy, I worked crazy hours and Bill was home, more than I was. They bonded and nothing is going to change that. Bill is a big part of why Rowdy is so cussed ornery. He plays and roughhouses with her and she loves it. Buddy and Opie were older, when I adopted them and their personalities were already set.

Ike was an adult dog, but Pearl was just a puppy, when we got her. She is just as rambunctious, as Rowdy. In her case, though, Bill is trying to calm her down.
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Drew is definitely Craig's baby. He'll let me pick him up and he won't try to get down (just because he's a sweety), but he get this really sour expression on his face. Craig could pick him up and hold him all day long. Drew always chooses to head bonk Craig, and lots of time when I say "Drew Bear.. come here baby" and start walking towards him.. he knows I'm gonna try to pick him up and he runs like the dickens.

Sebastian is my baby. He doesn't let Craig hold him, but I can hold him anytime I want. He likes to sleep on my pillow and wake me up by sticking his nose in my eye and purring as loud as motor boat. He's my angel.

Jake is anyone's baby. What I mean is.. he'll be your baby as long as you give him 1000000000% of your attention, hold him, and love him behind the ears. You could be a complete strange and he'll be your baby as long as you're loving on him.
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Amber is my baby! she sleeps on my side of the bed (but then again, hubby made sure she knew what side to sleep on). and she curls up in my lap now, like, after a year! but she will go from me to him and back and forth for rubs and scritches.
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Naw, I think all 3 favor me...
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Absolutely!! Of the current crew, Cindy is Mummy's girl; Fawn is Daddy's girl; Suzy...? ummmmmm....mostly Daddy's, I think, though she surprises me sometimes.

And all previous kitties have bonded with particular humans -- Gryphon bonded with Dad, who isn't even a cat person -- though Gryph educated him.
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Lucky ol me I get them all to myself!!!!!!!!
When my sister and her fiance came over in August my fat Katy loved him though (I think that was because he kept giving her treats that I dont allow)
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