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eye goo?

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One of my cats is suddenly having discharge from only one eye. It seems thick but white. It is not watery, nor is it the kind of coke-colored stuff Persians sometimes get. It reminds me of that sleep stuff that is sometimes in my eyes in the morning, only slightly gooey-er. I did look at the eye and there doesn't appear to be an injury. It's clear and all the eyelids open fully. Also, it is only one eye, not both.

Background info: Blackie is about 4 years old and neutered. He was from a litter that another cat of ours had, so we are his only owners. We just added a kitten, about 7 weeks old. Perhaps this is a scratch from their rough play? (Initiated by the kitten, who also "nurses" from Blackie, and who Blackie cleans and cares for, very cute.) Also, the kitten does get an ounce or two of milk in a saucer over the course of a day (yep, cow's milk, doesn't seem to bother him and keeps him out of my daughter's cup). Blackie mostly ignores it except to sniff it a little, but could it cause him to have increased mucus, like it does with humans? Also, we just moved from CA to TX, could this be an allergy?

Bottom line: I don't have a vet yet and I am short of cash. I prefer not to pay someone to tell me it's going to pass. Any suggestions?
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Welcome to the Catsite! You will enjoy being a member of this. I would wait and see how the goo goes. If it goes away in a week or so, then it should be okay. Maybe you can try to wipe it with a slightly damp washcloth?
Just an idea. I'm sure other people will have more advice for u.
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As it's only one eye, it could be something like a scratch that got infected.

If there's a lot of the stuff, I would take him to the vet. He might just need a shot of antibiotics and maybe some eye drops, but without treatment these things can get quite nasty. At the very least, phone your vet and ask him/her about this.
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My own tack is to wait a whlie and see. All kinds of things can cause temporary gooey eyes -- including a bit of dirt or pollen from a plant or, of course, allergies. The main thing is that the white of the eyeball is relaively clear and the third eye is not beginning to show. Infection usually causes the eye rims to be slightly (or very) pink, as well. If, however, the goo is coming at a steady rate, and cleaning it off with a damp cloth doesn't help, then you will simply have to take the cat to a vet. Check with you local humane society or animal shelter and see if they have arrangements with a vet to take animals at a reduced price.

If the problem moves to the other eye as well, then you probably have something like chlamydia (spelling??). Where I live, this is endemic, and all my cats get it from time to time. There is no satisfactory vaccine. It means a run of antibiotics and an eye ointment (tetracycline). This also requires a trip to the vet.

As has already been pointed out, if there are any other symptoms -- eye inflamation, fever, coughing, etc., you have to go to the vet. If you took your cat in off the street as a stray, you may get a sympathetic fee adjustment from some vets.

Let us know what you tried and what finally worked. It helps out other people with a similar problem...
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Well, I kept Blackie inside for a couple of days and his eye cleared up. Then he went out again. I wish I could keep him in but he runs between my feet out into the shrubbery around our apartment and I can't get to him. When I finally got him inside again later, his eye was gooey again. The shrubs are mostly something evergreen, I think yew, with cedar chips around the base. Also, our apartment is near the laundry room. I wonder if he is reacting to the gardens, or maybe chemicals from the wash water? It's the same eye so it might be something he's doing outside or something he's laying in?
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