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Samwise,is named after characters in Tolkien's now very popular novel, as are all of his siblings. Samwise Gamgee, of course, was Frodo's closest friend and risked his own safety time and again while protecting Frodo during all his dangerous adventures. Samwise's sire is named "The Lord of the Rings."

Ann, on a Texas beach with Miss Kitty, Samwise, and Jim
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my baby girl system, my boyfriend named her after system of a down ( one of our fav. bands) and baci means kisses in italian, and thats exactly what he does!!!
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My boyfriend named Sash (Sasha)until we found out he was a little boy then we shortened it to Sash. I guess he just thought it was a pretty name. My other kitties I named which were: Lucki-since she was darn lucky to be found on such a cold/windy day. Blackie-because of course he was all black and Kit-he was my first cat so we were just calling him Kitty and he then became Kit. My other kitties are now angels at the rainbow bridge.

Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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I got the name Chester from a singer in a band I listen to... I thought the name would be perfect for a kitty. I didn't have my kitties at that point, but knew when I did get them I'd name my boy Chester. When I saw him, I knew the name was perfect!

My cousin (I live with him and my aunt) named Piper after Piper on the show Charmed... which is kind of cool 'cause I've always loved the name and thought I'd name my daughter that if I ever had children. Well she is my fur daughter so it's perfect for her!! lol
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Miikka is named after Miikka Kipprusoff, goaltender for the Calgary Flames NHL team.
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Lily is named after a thing - Lilies of the Valley, since she is white.

Princess is just named Princess because she is a little princess!
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Dori is actually short for Midori, which is my favorite drink (Midori Sours are anyway)
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My cat Spyder is named after the arachnid, because when he was a newborn little bitty kitty he had long legs and a long tail and a little round body, and he is black too!!!
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my kitties are named after the Winnie the Pooh cartoon. It all started with Tigger. Then M.I.L. got Winnie and we got Roo and Kanga. Kanga was this close to being names rabbit. so funny.
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Originally posted by Tamme
my kitties are named after the Winnie the Pooh cartoon. It all started with Tigger. Then M.I.L. got Winnie and we got Roo and Kanga. Kanga was this close to being names rabbit. so funny.
Hey, I have a Winnie and a Roo too!!!!
Our Winnie is named after Winnie the Pooh too, I forgot to add that in my post....

Roo though is a nickname that turned into her real name I guess, because when she meows it sounds like she's sayinr roooooo!!!
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First of the names guys! Very creative.

Summer already had her name. I think they gave her hat name because she was found walking down a road on a hot summer day, and they also detected she was about 1 year old. She responds to it well, and I like it so it stayed.

Our current kitties at home:

Crazy Cat's name is more the less self explanatory. My uncle took the 2 siblings and she got into SOOOO much trouble as a kitten including ripping 2 silk lamp shades to shreads. My grandpa always used to say "That cat's CRAZY!" and hence the name.

Peanut was named after one of my brother who died's favorite cats as a kid. His most recent and probably all-time favorite kitty was named Arnold....short for Arnold Swartzakitty (who was named for his incredible strength)but I needed a girl name. My grandma also thinks she looks like she has peanut butter on her nouth....which dhe does have a brownish patch on her mouth and does look like she was eating peanut butter.

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Toby is named after a small brand of beer called Charington Toby. I used to work at Molson Breweries and I passed by a sign in the halls every day that said Toby.

Howard got his name in a rather interesting manner. A very long time ago I was arrested for shoplifting. I know, I know - for shame - my excuse is foolish youth. In any case instead of getting a criminal record I was sent to the John Howard Society, which assigned me to community service. I chose to work at the local Humane Society. I grew close to a very large orange cat who looked a LOT like Morris. I almost called him that! Both would have been fitting.
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Anastasia was named after Anastasia, the last grand duchess.
I've seen the movie (cartoon) and just read the book not a while ago.

One of my best friends actually came up with it, and I thought it was a great idea.
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newman and cosmo well they got there names from Seinfeld..from cosmo krammer the wacky offbeat neigbor....and cosmo our cat is a little off......but we love him just the same ,,,,newman was the pesty mailman/neigbor.....and that fits our cat Newman..... he never shuts up, very verbal....
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Peppurr was named after, well pepper! When we brought him home, nobody could agree on a name. My mom chose Peppurr because he was playing with the pepper shaker! I decided to spell his name Peppurr because it is different. If you go into google, type Peppurrr and search in images, he is in their along with baby Isis! I think there is only one other cat in their named Peppurr.

Zeus is named after the god Zeus. Zeus is the father of the gods and the greek ruler of the gods. It also means powerful one, that suits him perfectly! I read that Zeus also means fertility, poor Zeus, he can no longer create babies!
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Na not really.

L.E May(Who BTW we just gave away to a lady down south, it was sad to see my little girl go but we might be getting a kitten back from her), whos real name is Mae West, was named after the actor. L.E just seems to go with May.

Elmo loves to be tickled and hes a red, hence tickle me elmo.

Benja, was originally called bear and we had already had two cats called bear so we picked a name that kind of sounded like bear.

Danlara came with the name and four years later we weren't going to change it.

Holly, after the singer holly valance.

Sophie, after the singer sophie ellis bexter.

Muffin, just one of those names I had always wanted!

Acorn, she reminds me of a little acorn.

Highway(aka roadkill) because he reminds me of a little fast car

SAPAN!!(my most interesting) named after the indian word for Fire, Sapan has a little black spot on his head(my male calico), hence the indian name(sorry if that sounds racist or anything).

Poem, when I first saw her she reminded me of the telly tubby po, then poem sprang to mind.

Interesting names everyone.
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I have a cat named Einstein and another named Ella Fitzgerald.
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ooh! I love this kind of thread!!

Yoshi (cat): We got him in 1991, right when the "Mario" video game, on Nintendo, was the hottest thing around. We named him after Mario's sidekick, Yoshi.

Sasha (cat): We got him from the shelter when he was already named, so no choice there

Grizzly (cat): Our last name sounds exactly like Bear (I won't give the correct spelling of my name, lol) so we named him after the Grizzly Bear. He was a longhair black, and if Kodiak bears came be white, then they can be black too, lol!

Willow (cat): We named her after the Willow tree, but everyone thinks we named her after the character from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Buffy (cat): We spent a month thinking of names, and Buffy was the only one that suited her. And yes, she was named after the character from BTVS (everyone sees her name and thinks Willow was named after a character from the show too, lol)

Jake (dog): We got him in '98, right when I was in love with the "Help I'm Trapped In.... Body" stories ("Help! I'm Trapped In My Sister's Body!" "Help! I'm Trapped In My Teacher's Body!" "Help! I'm Trapped In A Movie Star's Body!" "Help! I'm Trapped In Obedience School!", etc.). The main character in the story is named Jake, and thats who I named him after. It was either that, or Lance, the character's dog, lol
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Well, I have a couple unusual stories for my kitties names:

When I was young we had Phideaux (pronounced Fido), who my dad named for a Justin Wilson comedy routine.

Dad was adopted two years ago by a barn cat and her lone kitten. Both were black, but the kitten had a small white blaze on his chest and white paws, so Dad named him Sylvester, after the Warner Bros. cat. Then he took Sylvester to be neutered, only to find out "he" was a SHE, and she was pregnant! So Sylvester became Sylvia.
Sylvia had a small litter of three, but one died very soon thereafter. Dad named the other two kittens Buttons and Beauty, and took them in as early as possible to get them altered. That's when he found out Beauty was a boy, so HE became Beau (pronounced Bo). Needless to say, Dad now relies on others to sex his cats

Oh, and the original, all-black momma cat? He named her Snowball, of course!
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Yes, I give a lot of thought to what I name my cats. I have heard that they have three names, one is secret that they keep to themselves.

Clyteamnestra: Half sister to Helen of Troy, she offed Agamemnon for good reason. He deserved it.

Diedra: Irish goddess

Bengoria Curzon Dax: Deep Space Nine, the old man.

Ilan: (Ilan Ramon) Israeli Astronaut, Columbia

Judd: (Judith Resnick) Second American woman in Space and the first Jew, Challenger

Ellison: (Ellison Onizuka) Japanese American Astronaut, Challenger

Andy: (William Anderson) Columbia

Daniel: Daniel Pearl

Ronald: (Ronald McNair) Challenger

Andromache: Hector's wife (outside stray)

Hector: (outside stray)

Persephone: Demeter's daughter and Hades wife, black and white stray, that had the seven kittens,

Seven kittens: Quark, Rom, Nog (the seventh, and first Ferengi in Star Fleet), Brunt (I need to find my Star Trek Encylopedia CD's for the other three. The Magnificent Ferengi.

I am still working on the names for the remaining ten cats of the twelve that I rescued. Two of them went to the Helen Woodward Center in San Diego.

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her name is Patches Peanutbutter DeMerchant , she reminded my husband of the swirls in peanutbutter cup ice cream


her name means beautiful in Italian her actual name is Bellah Sera Beautiful Night I named Bellah :P
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Never even occurred to me to name my girls AFTER something/someone.
Joji is just Joji, Skinny is because she was all bones when rescued, and QT was the name given by her first owner.
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Whenever a new cat comes into my life, I open the pantry.
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Forgot to add:

Except for Coco. Her official Name is Glenmaulyn Manees Ku. Glenmaulyn is the breeder name and Manees Ku means My Sweet.
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My boyfriend at the time named my girl cat....Habenaro...because he said she was a spicy pepper.

Tigger is just that...a springy, wonderful thing.

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My Kahli was named after the Hindu goddess of destruction. When we first got her she was trotured and starved and spent the first three days with us backed up against the wall screaming. She calmed down after a while.
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Carmelo is named after Carmelo Anthony, the basketball superstar who led SU to the NCAA championship in 2003. My vet said that there are about a dozen yellow and orange animals the same age as my Carmelo that are named after our great basketball hero! I wonder if he knows of this strange trend?

The catloaf, well, he is an original
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