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FCK Syndrome

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I was wondering if it has been proven FCK syndrome is genetic? Or are there still other things that have not been ruled out that cause FCK such as environment and nutrition?

Thank you
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Oops! I think you need to spell out what FCK stands for so that we can all start from the same point. I'm not sure if I'm having a "senior moment" or whether you're using an abbreviation that's different to what I'm used to!!!
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Sorry it's Flat Chested Kitten. I almost spelled it out too.
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Thanks! Now I need to do some digging as this has never come up in discussion boards for my feline genetics class as far as I recall. So there may be no information, but I'll check and get back to you.........
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It seems there is little on this subject. So I thought I would ask here to see if you might know. I understand if you do not have info on this subject.
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Well, I've now heard back from my contact at our Feline Health Center and I've done a bit of literature searching, and I'm afraid the "little known" assessment seems to be correct!
I've found something that relates the problem to possible elevated taurine levels in the blood, but no cause/effect or genetic analysis in that study.
Also another source that indicates pectus excavatum (FCK!) as one of many defects in kittens with a metabolic disease called mucopolysaccharidosis VII, which I believe does have a genetic basis.
But there isn't much info. out there about FCK yet!
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Thank you for trying.
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