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I'll be off

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I'off for a couple of days and won't be seeing you until Thursday
I'm going to the seaside to bask in the sun, swim, relax, drink cold beer and other such ordeals.
I'm already missing each and everyone of you!!! I'll be thinking about you a lot!!!
Love you all
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Have fun Billie! I have to admit I'm green with envy. :tounge2: We just got back from our "vacation" where we went to Lubbock TX to see my mother in law. Not quite the same...
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Have fun and we want to hear all the stories when you return. Be careful.

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Oh Billie!!!!!!!! I will miss you!!!!!!!! Take me with you! Let us know how it goes!!! Have fun!!!!
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Wait just a minute...if Debby gets to go then I get to go too! (insert brat stomping her feet here)

Have a great time Billie!

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Cleo...I think we BOTH should get to go with her!!!! (pouts and sticks bottom lip WAY out)
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At a risk of making a complete fool of myself - would that be a beach along the black sea? I heard those are wonderful.

I hope you're having a great time!
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Hey girls!
I'm back and I'm brown and I had a great time!!!!
Cleo and Debby, so sorry I couldn't take you with me but I promise to next time. We could have a wonderful girls' vacation.
Anne yes, you were right - that was the Black Sea and it is indeed a great place - you should come someday it's not that far away from you.
Oh but you have such fine beaches in Israel too!!!
OK I am telling you - one day I'm going to come visit!
So, I had a great time sunbathing, swimming, the weather was perfect and we went all over the coast line. There was this place at the very Northern end of the coast called Balchik, where there's an old palace and a botanical garden and it's just cool!!!
I love the sea but let me tell you now - I'm off to the mountains soon (August 12, can't wait!!!!) adn I promise to bring back lots of pictures to post so that you can finally see me
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Hey Billie:

Saw a post by you this morning. Welcome back. Glad you had such a relaxing vacation.
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Hey I'm so glad to be back and so happy that my first welcome is from you Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure I have a lot of catching up to do though...
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Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The beach sounds wonderful. We don't have many nice beaches near me here in Texas. We took the kids to Galveston last year, but that's not too great. Of course the kids loved it though and that was the main thing. Glad to see you're home safely.
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Thanx Dawn, it really feels good
And what are you doing up at this time of night?? (I guess it's night in Texas right now or am I wrong?)
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Actually, it's 8:00 in the morning here. My kids get up at the crack of dawn so I'm usually up and on the forums early while they eat breakfast. What time is it there?
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It's funny. I always forget that people are on at different times around the world. It's 9:00 a.m. here. I have 1 kid off to band camp already, the 2nd is in the shower, and I have a load of laundry in.
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Just saw this thread. I wanted to wish you a good trip but you are back so WELCOME BACK. Glad you had a good time.
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Welcome back Billie!

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Billie; Like Ellinor, I was coming on to wish you a good trip; and here you are back. Glad you had a great time and now you are off to the mountains . . . . I guess we will have to wait for the pictues. . . . .Have a SAFE CLIMB!!!!

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Well thank you all for the warm welcome - it really feels like being home
Actually the time difference is eight hours here from there and when your day begins mine ends but I'm so hopeless with calculations I can never figure out what time exactly it is in the States.
I always seem to think that it's night hee hee
TLK my plans have changed a bit but still I'll be off to the mountains in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I won't rock climb properly which has always been my dream
I should have fun though and sure promise to bring back many pics. I'll try to post some from the seaside too but I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it.
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Billie....of course it feels like being home!!! This IS your home!! And I am so glad to see you back, all safe and sound! Hope you had a great time! I missed you while you were gone!!!
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Oh Debby

lovegrin: lovegrin:
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Well not so good with the smilies yet but I hope you got my meaning dearest !
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Wow!! Thank you! I feel very 'd by your post!!!

Seriously though, You bring so much to this place, I hope you never leave us!!
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Welcome back Billie!

I'm glad you had a great time! As I said before, you're more than welcome to visit Israel!
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Thank you Anne, I really have to give this a though I think it should not be very expensive just for a couple of days.
Do you by any chance know if I need a visa????
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Anne and Billie!!!!! That would be so totally cool if you guys could meet each other!!! I hope it works out!!!!!!!!!!
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You would have to come for at least one week! There's so much to see around here! I'm sure we can arrange for places for you to stay all over the place (including here of course!) and that should save you lots of money!

I'm not sure about a visa but it's very possible that you will need one.
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Hmmm well I should look into this. My guess is that I need a visa but maybe it's not so difficult to get one....
It will be great if I manage to get one and come for a week in autumn to get some sun when it starts to get cold here. And above all to meet yo Anne - that will surely be a wonderfult thing!!!!!
Israel is a fascinating place!!!!

Debby I you!!!!
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October would be the best. September is a little bit too hot still, but October is better.

And it October you're more than welcome to stay at my place. My in-laws will be away in South America so we'll have plenty of room for guests!
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Just a little note that might help out, when I went on holiday to the Dominican we needed a visa, but we got it at the airport there for $10, we had to pay another $10 when we left the country. Im not sure if its the same but just thought Id let you know!! Hope it helps!

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Yes, that might be a possibility I'll have to check
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