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I caught Silvester sneaking food again , next to him is my Fluff .
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Silvester is trying to sneak away
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I love all these cats,(especially OREO), it brought back such fond memories of a cat I had growing up named Sylvester. He was the first cat that was truly mine, rather than a family cat. He would follow me everywhere I went. Unfortunatly he disapeared one day and I suspect coyotes.
Needless to say, my cats are all indoor-only now.

Here's the only picture I have of him (he was still quite young then!) He's pictured with my very first family pet Smokey. Not the greatest picture, but it's all I have so I treasure it.

Also, as far as tuxedo patterning goes, I had always believed that it is a black cat with white paws (cuffs), chest (shirt) and maybe a white blaze. Like Sasha, my sisters cat
Check her out with all the presents on Christmas Eve!

This isn't my cat, but an image I found through google. This is what I think of when I think tuxedo cat:
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this is one of the cats i feed downstairs... pretty vocal boy..
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Aww they are so cute
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Yay, more tux pictures! All of these black & whites are so gorgeous. Thanks for posting them.
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Mr Underfoot with what he thinks is HIS Christmas present...

and Felixia with hers...

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OMG Mr. Underfoot is so cute and so funny . Priceless .

Thats for sure a pic for caption this
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Sylvestra w/ her Christmas Chipmunk:

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Mr. Underfoot moving in on the toys...


Sylvestra's fangs:
(ooh, catnip!)

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