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can Taz crash the party? She's in her tux!
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Taz is a beauty...Ivo's twin! I can see Ivo's pic today too

Gorgeous kitties

....I found a website today that has a great selection of pet tags, including a bow-tie shaped one that'll be perfect for the tuxes. I'll have to get some tux & bow-tie pics when they come in.
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Oreo on the couch:

Oreo & Mr tussling for the best spot in the hallway:

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I love Tuxedo mania!
All of your tux kitties are so cute!
Felixia looks a bit like my cat Samantha who is also 15 years old.
Samantha is sitting next to me admiring all of the photos.
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Tess, they're gorgeous. And you're right - Felixia and Jamie look a lot alike. Jamie got his name from James Bond, often in a tux, and "James", the butler or chauffeur in old British films.
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I love 'em all - black & white whatever - Tuxedo or no, Moos - they're so darn cute!!!!! What great pics and SUCH cute kitties!

Tuxedo and Shelly want to join the party...

Here's Tuxedo - a close-up.
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And here's a pic I call "Tuxedo the King," LOL!
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...and here's our alpha, Sheldon - letting Spooky know she's in the way of his prime bird-watching position.
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They're all lovely -- especially Mr Underfoot -- and I looooooooove that name!
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all cats are so beautiful .

M.A. your Taz looks like my Moses , how cute
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I'm with Fran- I love the name Mr. Underfoot, Tess how did you come up with that name?

I think these eh hem "Black Bicolor" cats are just beautiful! Everyone kitties look so healthy and that's great!

Keep sending those Tux pics in..

A cat I half own, Evee, is a Black Bicolor and she is dude to have kittins on christmas day, I hope she has black & white kitties for ya'll!

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
...A cat I half own, Evee, is a Black Bicolor and she is dude to have kittins on christmas day, I hope she has black & white kitties for ya'll!

Oh, me too! They are just the cutest!
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Tuxedo & Sheldon are gorgeous...love the 'king' picture!

My computer is running VERY slow, but I'll get some more pics up soon, hopefully. I'd love to see more of other people's black & whites, too!
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Sam, Mr Underfoot was the name of a character's cat in a Sci-Fi book I read when I was a kid, and I've always thought that would be a great name for a cat - when Mr. came along, it just seemed perfect for him.
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I had to post my beautiful Joseph a Selkirk Rex Cat
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Love all the pics!!! I love Oreo's nose!

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Your Tuxedo family is Fantastic!! I love Tuxedos. Are any of your Tuxedos brats like my Indy. He's part time Lover Boy and part time Brat. He wants to join your family...

Indy on his Indy pillow.

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Joseph & Indy are precious...love the nose smudgies!

Yes, they're brats...especially Mr. Underfoot - he is 100% lovey snuggle cat, but he wants what he wants, when he wants!

Here's Oreo: "tell it to the paw!"
(Oreo's the only one that's NOT a brat...he's so mellow it's easy to photograph him.)

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Mr. having a bath:

Mr. looking spooky for Halloween:

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Gosh I am still in Tuxedos heaven , thecats are all so pretty .

I cought the next door kitten munching some of my out door cats food
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This is Silvester my neighbours cat to the right , he is 15 or 16 years old
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tuxedo heaven!!! I love all the kitties!!!
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Ohhh so cute. DO all tuxie's have yellow eyes? I know mine do too.
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I love all these black & white furries.

Thanks for the outdoor kitty pics, Heidi. That white splotch next to the nose is so cute. :

Marge, It does seem like a lot of them do have yellow eyes - they're so dramatic with the B&W coloring. Mr. Underfoot & Sylvestra have dramatic yellow eyes. But Oreo has green eyes (beautiful green just the shade of grass after a good summer rain - I'm still trying for a good photo that shows it), and Felixia's eyes are a lovely seafoam green color (sort of green with a slight bluish tint). Sometimes the colors in the photos aren't quite true - I think it depends on the lighting.

If you get a photo of your tux, I'd love to see it.
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Sylvestra having a bath:

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Stretch kitties:

Hmmm, should I?

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Did she ?

Great oics of your cat , very lovely
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All of these tuxedo kitties are gorgeous!!

I just love Oreo's face!
I want to kiss it!
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Hey u guys! I hope u don't mind me crashing this tuxedo party! Here's some pics of my gals. They're black/white tuxedos-right??
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