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Tuxedo mania

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My favorite Mr Underfoot pic:

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what a cutie pie
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and my sweet petite Felixia:

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Tiger Lily isn't a tux, but she's part of the family too

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It's tough to get a picture of them all together - lame as it is, this is the best so far:

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Mr. Underfoot poses with the extra kitty:

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Mr trying to entice Oreo to play:

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Felixia caught in the flash:

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All I need to do to get everyone gathered 'round is bring out the Zoom Groom!

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OMG I'm in All of them are so beautiful
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I am in too!
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Mr. Underfoot is a most handsome cat. He is really beautiful.
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omg they are so beautiful. That is a gorgeous pic of Mr. Underfoot

I thought that stuffed cat was real at first
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Thank you

They are all sweeties. The 'impostor kitty' is a microwaveable heating pad - fits right in with the household
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Tess You have the most loveable lot... Mr. Underfoot is as handsome as could be.
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OMG I am in Tuxedo Heaven . I love Oreo his black spot on his nose is just to cute .Well I love all tuxedos naturally , but his spot on that nose is so cute
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I your !!!

I've been trying for years to get a good pic of my reds together to no avail. I don't think they would like to be duck taped to the floor for a family portrait!! LOL Hope one day you can get your tuxies together!!
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Those are all adorable pictures! I love the extra cat!
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I love those black and whites! I like that first pic of Felixia. her mask is beautiful. The imposter is cute too!!
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Not to crash the party, but I had to add Ivo...

Tux twist...

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I just LOVE Tuxedo cats.
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Thank you
Felixia is my sweet little senior girl - I don't know how old she is, but she's certainly at least 15 or 16. I've had her for 12 years, and she was full grown, spayed & had very bad teeth when I adopted her after the neighbors left her behind. Poor little girl only has her canines and one molar left now. But she's still quite athletic and playful.

: I love Ivo! But I can't see her pic for some reason.
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Awesome pictures! I love how all of your cats are black and white. I still don't exactly know what a tuxedo cat is. To me, your cats look like black and white Pinto's. You know like the Pinto ponies.

Now, if you did your house in black and white decor, you could have some dizzying optical effects. I love the black and white combo.
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Is a Tuxedo, where they're black on the top, and white underneath?
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I've never heard the official description, but I think the 'black on top & white underneath' is what makes a tuxedo kitty.

Hubby isn't going for the black & white decor idea, though I think it would be cool! Somehow they always manage to shed their white fur on black stuff, and black fur on white stuff, though.

It's a coincidence that all our indoor cats are the same color, but I think it's cool - It's also hard for strangers to tell how many cats are around.

Imagestation is down so I can't put up more pics right now
Hopefully it will come back up soon.
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They're all beautiful!!!
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