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Awww How Sweet!!

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I was just wondering about the sweet little things your kitties have done.

Last night, Ophelia was getting her lovin's in bed, and started kneading with those needle sharp claws on my bare shoulder. So involuntarily, I said "ouch" and kinda winced. She stopped and put her face up really close to mine - her way of kitty kisses. It was SO sweet! Especially since I don't usually rate kitty kisses from Ophelia.
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awww that is really sweet

Everyday when we get home from work nimby runs up and jumps into my arms and gives me kisses, then he jumps over to rich and gives him kiss it is so sweet.
Tomorrow nimby is going into get fixed My poor little guy! All the other kitties made out okay but I just worry about him
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Aw, Nimby's a real lover-boy!

I'm sure he will be fine, Val. I'll keep both of you in my thoughts tomorrow.
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Awww that is so sweet of Nimby and Ophelia!

I picked Kahu up today and he purred! That is the first time he has responded positively to being picked up! I am so excited!
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My male comes to greet me at the door (doesn't jump up, wow that would be fun!) And he puts his little head on my arm when I am stressed typing at the computer on a long writing project, like he knows i need the lift!
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Aw,Cute stories!

My big baby Elmo was asleep on the couch and I had a friend over, and Elmo woke up and just started head bonking Elien it was so funny and she has never owned a pet and thought it was strange but cute!

Gotta luv' elmz.
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that is soooo sweet, how could a person not love cats?????
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Simba's getting more and more cuddly the longer he's here, and about a week ago he started doing something I find adorable. At bedtime, he jumps up on the bed and stands in the middle of it. Usually he's facing away from me, I think because he's a cat, and it's important to remain aloof when you're a cat.

As soon as I get into bed, he waits for me to turn over onto my side, then he comes up and curls up by my chest and arm, smashing in as tight as possible, and purrs like crazy for a long, long time. I'm not getting nearly enough sleep these days because it's so nice just to stay awake and cuddle with him like that!

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