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Devastating Situation

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I'm trying hard not to cry while writing this... About 5 days ago, our cat Pokey, who is 17 stopped eating and drinking. We figured
she was constipated because this had happened before. So I told my dad we would bring her to the vet after class. I knew something was wrong, as I arrived at school and decided I didn't want to be there and camehome. After arriving home, I was greeted with my mom and sisterballing their eyes out... I knew something wrong.. They told me shewas dying. Looking at her, it was not the same cat. She was totallyoff balance, falling all over the place, and her head was droopingdown abnormally. We IMMEDIATELY went to the vet. He said that herkidney may be failing and gave her some shots. He didn't mentionanything on why she was walking and acting like she was. It appearsshe had a stroke or something. Her eyes are permanently dilated and I am sure she is blind now... She is just laying there staring into space. She can't walk straight, and her head
is still drooped. This is DEVASTATING... Can anyone tell me if she
really did have a stroke or something?? Or is this her kidney that
completely caused all of this? I appreciate all of your help as
words can't describe how upset I am....
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I do not have any medical advice to offer you, I wish I did. I just wanted to send you a big hug! Ii is so hard to lose someone we love. You just feel helpless! You sound like you loved your kitty very much, and I am sure she knows you love her. She had a long and happy life. I wish I could say something to make it easier for you, but...
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I am so is so difficult to see our cats ill. I can offer you some advice,and share some information. Yes, in a way, failing kidneys (I have a kitty with Chronic Renal Failure..usually this is not diagnosed until over 70% of kidney function is already lost) can go along with the blindness...kittys with renal failure frequently (or perhaps I should say sometimes) develop high blood pressure - which can cause the retinas to detach. If treated promptly, sometimes the retinas will reattach and the blindness not be permanent - *if* that is what has cause the blindness (high bp which can be treated).

Please...go to this site Feline Crf they have an incredible amount of information on this, what meds are used, what treatments are used, and links to many other great sites.

If you might be interested, I can also highly recommend the support group I belong to - feline-crf-support, a list.

best wishes to your and your sweet cat,
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Im sorry about Pokey. 17 is a nice, long time to bring you and your family happiness. I dont have any advice for you, but I hope she doesnt suffer for long. I hope she gets better!
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Usually 3 days of not eating and drinking will prove devastating to a cat's system. With her advancing age- -and it speaks well of you and your family that she lived this long without relative discomfort, the internal organs do begin to break down. The kindest thing to do now, is the hardest thing of all. But if she is suffering in any way and her quality of life is diminished, as difficult as it is, sometimes it is best to just let go.

Here is an article for you to consider:
When is it Time?
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Just wanted to send you some hugs (((((((( ))))))))

Poor Pokey.
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I am sorry to hear your kitty is not doing very well. I will keep you and her in my thoughts.
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First let me echo those who have said how sorry I am. I know exactly what you are going through. I just lost my cat Smokey she was 17 & had been batteling Renal Failure for 2 years. I say batteling, but the truth is it's not a battle because there is no chance for a cat to win. I know how hard this is and I will tell you that if you cat does pass away now it will be a lot better than what I & so many others have been through. It's an emotional roller coaster having a cat with CRF. However, if I had it to do all over again I'd do it just the same. I found out about Smokey's CRF because she too had dialated pupils & her retenas had started to detach. I was luck Smokey was able to see again after 48 hours on B.P. meds. I do advise that you visit the CRF link someone provided. I found it to be a lot of help. Only you & your family will know when the time is right for your cat, but as someone who just went through this I will say if it is time you won't regret the decision. Smokey had become so miserable & uncomfortable it was a releif to see her go. As far as the in ability to stand I'm afraid it doesn't sound good. On her last day Smokey would take about 2 steps & her hind legs would give out. I wish I had something more positive to say, but I personaly found honesty from my vet very helpful. It would be more difficult if I had false hopes. I send you a big hug & I'm crying for you because I know the pain your in, and I'll pray for your kitty.
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I'm sorry to hear about Pokey.

I really can't add anything since I haven't the knowledge as some others do on this site but I can ad that I am hoping for the best for all of you - Pokey too.

Sending you and your family prayers, including alot to Pokey.

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The power of prayer may be giving her a boost. Now, she is taking food from a syringe, drinking water on her own, and urinating normally. She is still extremely weak, but she is not in pain. Her balance is alot better now and some of her vision seems to be coming back. Her head is not hanging down like it was and she acknowledges people when they come and see her. I really don't know what is going on here... I sincerely appreciate all of your condolences and prayers. Three days ago she couldn't even lift her head...
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I am so glad to hear she is doing better. Keep it up whatever you're doing.

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Good to hear Pokey's doing better. Keep it up whatever you are doing.

Keep it up Pokey. Way to go.
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I'm glad Pokey's doing better too. If this hasn't already been done, you or someone else in your family may want to call and give your vet an update, and that would also be a good time to ask any questions about Pokey's condition.
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Please keep us posted & if you have any more questions just ask everyone here is super nice & we all understand how much you love your kitty.
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I will never be the same...

Poke, we'll see you in heaven...

Love ya!
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OMG, I am so sorry you lost Pokey! Please know that we are all here for you if you feel the need to talk.
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I am so sorry- as Rang has said, and as I too have learned, it is a battle that cannot be won, only fought valiently. I am moving this thread to Crossing the Bridge, and when you feel you are up to it, perhaps you can leave a lasting tribute to Pokey.
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I am so sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry to hear about Pokey.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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So sorry about Pokey!
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I'm so sorry. I too lost my girl last year to renal failure. She had the same symptoms as your pokey. She wasn't walking straight and she wasn't eating or drinking. I know exactly how you feel and you did a selfless act by letting go.

Take care.
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I'm so sorry abt pokey. I hope you feel better.Let anyone of us know if you need help with anything.
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-VilmeR- I'm so sorry to read that Pokey passed on. I too have an elderly cat, and I don't know how I'll be able to stand it, when his time comes. My heart goes out to you.
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I'm so sorry about Pokey
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I'm so so sorry to hear about Pokey... I know that she was grateful to have you all there by her side in her last days. And no, you'll probably never be the same, but just remember that she loves you and is watching over you, and that you'll be together again some day. I'm very sorry for your loss; it sounds like she had a very loving family. RIP little angel
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I still can't believe it... I am absolutely heartbroken.. she has been by my side for such a long time now.. It is like losing a sister. Words can't describe the pain I feel....
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So sorry to hear about Pokey's passing. I picked up this thread only after it had been moved here, so I knew what I was reading. Still it was a shock.

There's a hole in your heart so big the earth would fit with room to spare, and it's threathening to swallow you. It will take a while to heal, but it will heal. Sounds as if Pokey had a good life with a loving family and is now free of pain. You did the right and the loving thing.

Know that we'll all be thinking of you, and when you feel up to it, come tell us about your lovely baby who we never had a chance to meet.

Take care.
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