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A good day all around!

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There has been a URI going thru my house over the last month. It has hit every cat/kitten in turn (except the fosters) to some degree - some just periodic sneezing and others with full eye discharges and repeated sneezing. Koko's eye cleared up 2 days ago. Bogart (my respiratory impaired CRF kitty) had it the worst and he started looking better yesterday. Muddy was the last to get it and his eye looks almost normal this morning and his sneezing has dropped off dramatically.

The fosters have been quarantined with coccidia and had their last treatment Sunday morning. They haven't had any signs of it since Saturday. They go for their FeLV retest early next week at which time they will be speutered.

Mornings and evenings at my house have been the "medication line-up" and we're down to 3 cats on meds today.

Blackie, our missing 10 year old feral reappeared this morning.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when my house is fully healthy and everyone is out of quarantine. I won't know how to act!! I guess this is simply the life in a many cat household with foster kitties.....LOL

It is a good day all around!!! Woo hoo!!!

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That is wonderful news! Doing the dance of joy for ya!
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that is good news . I know how your feel , I had once up to 8 cats to tread with medication . Be sure thats no fun for nobody . Snowball has since 3 month a cold and is not going away , last time the vet took a culture and I am still waiting on the results . Hopefully no bad news and some great medication for him . I hope everything will go well with your cats , keep my fingers crosed for you .
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How wonderful for you! That is great news for all your brood....especailly the return on the missing little one.
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Great to hear.
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That is really great news!! Glad to hear youre on the upswing with so many being sick. Yikes! I cant imagine treating so many at once. Its hard enough with one
Oh and I loved the term "Speutered"
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Down to 2 on meds this morning (Bogart and Muddy). Muddy looks to have relapsed a bit yesterday, but looking very good this morning. He's my little mud-bug and I love that little guy so much!

Here's hoping that the URI doesn't make a second round thru the house!
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Momofmany , I really hope there is no more rounds for you and all cats/kitten will be well .
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