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Hi all, my two kitties love the stuff! I buy the Whiskas Catmilk Plus, and they completely do not touch the water I have out for them. I give them catmilk both times I feed them, morning and night. I mix some warm water into it so that they can have at least a little bit of water in them! How healthy is this? Is it ok to feed them a bit of catmilk twice a day like this? How can I get them to also drink their water?
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You need to wean them off slowly. Over time reduce the amount of cat milk and increase the amount of water until it is just water.
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Also think about buying a fountain. Cats love moving water, and there are a lot of fountains out there for cats. Everything from the practical to the ornamental. If you go to www.meowhoo.com and click under Basic Supplies and then Food and Water you will find companies that manufacture fountains specifically for cats.

The catsip milk plus is meant for a treat, or for sickly cats, it is not really meant to be their only source of liquid.
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I always mix the catmilk with water when I give it to them. My guys really enjoy it, but what they get is mostly water.
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