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Is this possible?

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One of my kitties Luna has a handsome BIG ginger tabby boyfriend called Hamish! I am not joking, he lives two houses behind us and when she is allowed out the first thing she does in jump the fence and 9 times out of 10 Hamish will show up. They just chase eachother up and down trees and play with leaves and she sticks her bottom in his face. Now I know Hamish has a home and is well cared for and that he is healthy and desexed. I am not sure if I am imagining this but yesterday he actually mounted (I hate that word ) her and Luna let him. I screamed when I saw what was going on and Luna came home and Hamish ran the other way. When Luna came in all the other cats were sniffing her nether regions and Buffy got so angry she gave her a smack.

Everything I have ever learned about the physiology of desexed cats tells be this is not possible - mating is an instinct to produce offspring right or an aggressive dominating thing? They are both neutered so how can this be? It was not a dominant playing move, believe me I have seen my cats behave similiarly but Hamish actually looked like he was thrusting (god I hate that word too LOL). What is happening here?? How do I stop this? Does that mean my innocent little baby girl is now a street smart little hussy? When I told the my vet they just laughed at me and said "only your cats, Nat"... I am so distressed!!
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Is Luna desexed? If not, even neutered males may be attracted to her.

If she is desexed, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Chances are that her friend was neutered at some point after his first sexual encounter, so he learned how to do the act and that it is pleasurable, and now he is simply doing what he remembered.

I wouldn't worry one bit. Just let Luna continue to play with her friend. It is clear that they have loads of fun together and we wouldn't want to stop that!
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Last spring my neutered boy persian was acting all randy around my neutered girl persian - and he was actually trying to mount her and 'go through the motions' so to speak . . .

Anyway, I was kinda alarmed about this too and posted the question here - like, what is going on!?!?!?

Turns out it is just a cat thing, that even if they have been 'done' their hormones can rage a bit, epscially in spring (and it is spring now in Aus, is it not)?, and not to worry. Sure enough, after a couple of weeks bad behaviour, it stopped and hasn't happened since.

Hope Hamish and Luna get a grip of themselves soon and start acting like the mature, grown up and desexed kitties that they are!!!
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Thanks for the replies lotsocats and Yola and for putting my mind at ease. Yes, Luna is desexed and has been since she was 6 month old! She is now 1 1/2 and I keep all my kitties indoors until they have been neutered so there is no way she could have experienced this before. But it looks like Hamish has done this before. While I wouldnt say she was looking like she was loving "it" she wasnt really making any attempt to escape either. It is spring down here, you are right Yola so I guess they are probably feeling a little frisky!! Its Lunas first spring as an adult cat and having 6 other desexed cats who have never acted this way I guess this is bit of a shock to me. She has 4 other boys in my house to play with but I guess thats not enough for her. She wants a real man with experience and all my boys are sooky la la's! I will just have to come to terms with the fact that she is a little floozy and not my baby girl I thought she was. She's growing up Next thing you know she'll be bringing him home for sleep overs
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I am sorry about what happened but i cant help but laugh! I can imagine you screaming, telling that no good Hamish to get off your baby girl! its like a scene out of a movie where the mom catches the couple on the living room couch red handed!

at least you know that they cant produce anything, that gives you peace of mind.
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omg Nat your post made me lmao

How can that sweet face of Luna possibly be a hussy
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Originally posted by Sicycat
omg Nat your post made me lmao

I couldn't help but laugh,too.

I had one of my male cats who was neutered at 5 months old doing this to his sister when she came in heat.(She was inside with all neutered males,so no she never reproduced. )I was in shock,too,cause I didn't know they would do this especially when he was fixed so early.Funny thing is none of my other neutered cats bothered her.

BTW.She is spayed now and has been for a while,I just had to save up some $$ to get her done.
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I know.....I am finding this very amusing despite myself. I did see that "no good" Hamish waiting over the other side of the fence for Luna but she was otherwise occupied at the time (warming my bed) but I am sure she will up soon enough looking for some action so to speak. You guys are right it is not really a big problem as they are both healthy and desexed - this is an issue of "my little girl is growing up" so I will just have to deal with it as any parent would! I may need therapy to get me through this though
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Well at least you didn't pour cold water on them.

I used to think Russell was a sooky la la until he mounted Esper. And I had him neutered before any sexual experience. I just about died when that happenned.
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One of the litters I saved last year, when I took them in to be fixed it was discovered one of the females was pregnant. As they had only had contact within themselves and all my other cats are neutered, it would have been inbreeding. I sadly asked the vet to go ahead with the spay anyway, as I do not support the breeding of strays and especially do not want inbred kittens. But it surprised me, because all the kittens had just turned 6 months old, or thereabouts...
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