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I'm so frustrated!

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I don't know if I've mentioned it to you guys or not. Craig is getting laid off in November. Sigh.

On top of this my job has cut my schedule down to only two days a week, and I'm having difficulty finding another job. The competition is so damn high around here. Even for the minimum wage jobs!

My mother is getting married in November. The day after Thanksgiving and right after Craig gets laid off. I promised her that we'd go, and it will be the first time Craig gets to meet the rest of my family besides her. So now we have to come up with two round trip flights, and we have to figure out who will care for our cats while we're gone.

I was planning on starting school in January but I seriously doubt this will happen. I don't even make enough money to pay for my car payments. Luckily I'm buying my car from Craig's mother so she's cutting me some slack.

I'm so FRUSTRATED!! This is the second time he's gotten laid off since I've moved here. I keep telling myself that he found a job last time he'll do it again, but I'd like to find a job too. One that is better than waiting tables at "Chevy's". If something doesn't happen soon I'm gonna have a great big crying session.

Oh, and the icing on the cake. Ready for this one? Aunt Flow is late for her monthly visit, and I have been taking measure to make sure she visits when she's supposed to. This is just one additional thing that I do NOT need.
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SOunds like you could use some good luck vibes and prayers. I am sending them your way!
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To make you feel better on one point at least... Aunt Flow will occasionally be late on her visit when you're stressed. I've actually gone 2 monthes without a visit during times of high stress. I'm not saying to ignore her absense though...if it goes on too long get thee to a doctor, not really for confirmation or negation on umm spaghetti sauce status, but because if she stays away too long for other reasons she can really be an awful guest when she does come.
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Ditto the stress and Auntie thing, too
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Looks like you have had a stressful time. Sending you my positive thoughts and mega hugs!

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I'm so sorry you have all this stress. I know how you feel though. Been through all of it!

I had to giggle at the term "Aunt Flow." I've just never heard it refered to as that!
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Cass (((())))

I hope everything starts getting better for you!
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hey cass,

sounds like things are really not going your way.. hang in there. things will get better.. sending u positive vibes
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Cassie is there a Homemakers Upjohn near you? I was able to work for them for awhile and pick up some extra money. Basically you go into homes of people who are shut-ins and care for them so many hours a day. The organization was wide spread in California at one time, I just wonder if they might be an option for you?
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Hissy, I'm not sure. I haven't heard of them before, but I'm definitely gonna look into it. I'll take any kind of job that will pay at this point! Thanks so much!!!
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