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It's a good day - Blackie is back!

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I am so happy - something good has happened within my little feral colony this morning. Blackie, who totally disappeared about 2 months ago was waiting at the food station this morning. I thought I had lost her to the neighbor's dogs. Blackie is close to 10 years old, highly skittish, and the mom of Stumpy, Eight-ball and Tigger. This is a good sign.....perhaps more of the cats that disappeared in June/July could be finding their way back for the winter months. Hoping to see her sister Tan-Foot again (she was a sweetie pie).

These small victories keep me going! Woo hoo!!
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this is great news - I just read your reply on another thread about how your neighbours leave food outside for cats and dogs etc. Thats probably where shes been. Enjoying the sunshine and the extra food during the summer months. Glad she is back for the cold winter nights though. Cats arent daft are they!
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That is wonderful news!!!
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It's always so hard when they disappear... but it's so wonderful when they come back!!!! Scritches to Blackie!
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Blackie is looking as healthy as ever. Hasn't lost weight, and still has her old "I'll scratch your eyes out if you come close to me" attitude! She batted away Larry and Lucky at the food, and everyone else knew to keep their distance from her. Ya know, I've never been able to pet her in 10 years, but she has such a unigue personality I don't even care! She has been a staple around this house for a long time. Her preferred winter home is in the barn closest to our house.
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I am so happy for you that Blackie is still around and is looking good . That means she was hanging out some place else , perhabs by that one neighbour tulip mentioned . Hopefully the others will come too , then you also would have peace in your heart knowing they are ok .
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It's so gratifying to read good news.

Would you want a possum for your clan? J/K, but I have Mysty's old cat cardboard box out on our back porch and as you may have read, I put some food out for a few nights hoping to lure him back home. As you've posted, the seasons are a changing, and I was hoping if Mysty is still alive, he could be working his way back home.

As a direct result of our hospitality, we have adopted another kitten, Pumpkin, a very tame and affectionate female tortie...

We have lured a large black and white cat (I think it's a female, but definitely not as tame as Pumpkin), to our back porch. It now expects a meal at suppertime and a place to rest on the wicker settee, but it is getting cold outside...

We have a pet oppossum. Yes, this critter just loves Nutro Natural Choice kitten food, and what I saw tonight was unbelievable. This is a once in a lifetime vision! The large black and white cat was curled up sleeping on the wicker settee and the possum was only two or three feet away, resting in Mysty's cardboard box, his head, eyes, and long nose clearly visible just inside the open flap. As I've noticed the old woolen blanket in the box somewhat amiss, the possum must be using the box and poor kitty sleeps more exposed to the elements on the settee. Go figure! The oppossum and the black and white cat appear to have a friendly relationship, as they share the Nutro kitten kibbles on the porch and both are fine together; the black and white cat curling up and rolling about on the settee, and the oppossum, just resting in the box. I opened the screen and patio door to check out the oppossum, and it just sat there, motionless. My husband says that's one big oppossum and I say that's one big black and white cat...
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So glad to hear Blackie is Back!
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Caterpillar this is so funny with your possum , I got one too feeding on my cat feeder outsite . He/she looks well fed too
Maybe you can place the box on the chair for the cat . The ground is usualy colder and up there where that cat was laying it is a little warmer .
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That's great news to hear the Blackie is back with the colony.
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LOL Got plenty of wild possums hanging out already - they would probably drive your pet possum away!! I'll make a deal - I'll ship the skunks and I'll take the possums!! (no offense to fans of skunks out there) LOL
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What exciting news about Blackie! I am so glad he's back!
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Nice, friendly possum, btw. I could take a few skunks since I haven't seen any lately, but the possum is a keeper. He was eating more of the Nutro kitten kibble, then actually washed his hands in the water dish, and began cleaning himself. During this entire time, the black and white cat was resting on the wicker two-seater, curled up, sleeping, then rolling around on her back.
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My son didn't put the other porch light on, so this pic turned out too dark and fuzzy, but here's the tame possum that returns for Nutro kitten kibbles every night. The wicker settee in the foreground is where the black and white cat sleeps.
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your possum sure looks well taken care of lol , nice round belly
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