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Wednesday Daily Thread

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I was wakened early again. Can't wait for the time change this weekend. How long does it take for cats to change time?

Of course I am still up, the beasts are sleeping. But I did get a good 1 1/2 hours of work done, which I would otherwise have had trouble fitting in to my regular work day. I feel very productive.

It has turned chilly now, after another unusually warm week. It's almost November and we still have not had to turn our furnace on! In the chilly north (not really north, just Southern Ontario, but still) that is very unusual.

And to be ready for fall, I had my hair dyed a nice dark auburn with deep copper highlights. Which is a nice change from the lighter shade that had become quite sun bleached over the summer. Although its still a shock when I see myself in the mirror.
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I think cats have there own time clocks- totally opposed to mine of course! Has turned chilly and grey over here too. Central heating kicked in this morning which was nice. Horrid drizzly rain is forecast. Still shoudnt complain we had a cracking summer - and quite a long one too.
Your hair sounds lovely.
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Sammie - your hair sounds great!

What a wet and dreary morning it is here today. I didn't want to get out of bed and I certainly didn't want to wait at the bus stop, but here I am at work. Another day another $1.25.

For some reason I have been having very vivid and very weird dreams for the past week and a half. Every night I dream when I am able to sleep and I wake up exhausted. One night I woke up screaming because I thought I had been stabbed....scared the cats and the hubby. I don't eat anything after dinner, so normally there is a good 4 hours between food and sleep. I only drink water after dinner. I am taking no medications right now except my asthma inhalers. I just don't understand it. It happens if I watch tv or even if I don't. I have an overactive dream life and I want a time out! I think I need a holiday.

Does anyone here watch Smallville? Don't you think Clark should tell Lana?

Hope everyone has a good day!
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ADY, you're sleeping just as poorly as i am!! we need an insomniacs anonymous meeting place, where we can be drugged and sleep for a week!!! i can't believe that i have to work this morning feeling this way! i'd call in...but it's such short notice, and i won't be at that job TOO much longer anyway......UGH !!!
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My little guy woke me up early today, also. He has decided that my hair needs to be attacked... let me tell you how UNfun it is to be woken up by a cat clawing at your hair (=

This week is another rough one for me at school. I only have one exam, but I got another assignment for another paper, bright and early this morning. I have an exam next Tuesday as well, and I register for next semester's classes next Wednesday.

Ugh... I guess I'd better get studying. Have a nice day, everyone.
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Today is supposed to be our last day in the 80's for a while. I love weather in the 80's but I guess it is inevitable!

I have received the contracts from dragonlady for my new babies. They will be leaving her home today, will spend the night with the transporter and then arrive here at 9:35 A.M. tomorrow! I'm ready!
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Argghhh! The cats won't let me sleep - they think it is fun to play on top of me!

Gym today. Volleyball practice this arvo.

Ady - I watch Smallville! I love that show...and I reckon Clark should tell Lana - if she really loves him like she says, she would not care whether he was like that or not.

I see Clay Aiken on telly right now on GMA - they just said that he made more sales in his first week than Madonna and Beyonce combined.

Oh what!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get up, and now Kahu and Peedoodle are going to sleep! Why do they sleep when I get up and play on me when I try to sleep???

I love red hair Sammie!

Have a great day you all!
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Good Morning!

I slept so good last night. Max and I both woke up to the alarm clock. I could have slept longer. That is one nice thing about the weather turning colder - good for sleeping.

Hump day already! Boy, these days are really flying by. My Dad has a Dr. appointment today and hopefully we will find out what caused the health scare he had last week. All the test results should be in by now.

Have a good day everybody.
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Blackie is back!! Blackie is back!! Nothing else really matters today. (Blackie is my nearly 10 year old feral that disappeared a couple of months ago.)
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Originally posted by Momofmany
Blackie is back!! Blackie is back!! Nothing else really matters today. (Blackie is my nearly 10 year old feral that disappeared a couple of months ago.)
YAY!! Blackie is back! He must have taken a little journey or something.
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Blackie is a girl (I wasn't creative with feral cat names for a while) and I'm sure she wandered over to some other house in the area (very rural out here). Everyone leaves food out for their outdoor cats and dogs out here, so she could have been anywhere! I've found over the last 10 years that they always eventually find their way back here - more shelter and better food.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus

I see Clay Aiken on telly right now on GMA - they just said that he made more sales in his first week than Madonna and Beyonce combined.

Well of course he did! I love his new CD - it is awesome! Where is Ruben's? (not that I will buy it).

Amy - I am so glad Blackie is back...does he look ok?
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They presented him with a double platinum record thingy. Wow, what a honour for someone who came second in American Idol - how did Ruben win? He seems like a genuinely nice guy (Clay that is)
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I really can't see Ruben doing that well! Clay is just so much more personable. I can't believe Simon thought he wouldn't be marketable!
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Howdy ya'll! Another bright sunny warm morning!

Nada much, sleep sleep sleep but alas a son who has a different alarm clock awakens the sleeping beauty Played outside in the back since the ants have not taken over the yard as much as they have with the front yard (yikes)!

I saw Charlies Angels 2 (I know I know, t&a) I fastforwarded through that part, but it's one of those flicks that you see that you know you're banging your head thinking 'why am I seeing this?!' but it was still kind of funny in an odd way and it was great seeing Demi Moore, man she is a hottie at her age, wish I had her money to get fit like that and the plastic surgery!

Still no wireless service....not much time on the comp as before

no coffee yet, my coffee has gone down tremendously, don't have the same craving it seems but I have to have at least one cup to quench the caffeine headache.

Hugs to all.

Oh I'm not sure why Rueben won, he is a good singer, with the deep voice and all, but I liked both of them, in their own genre. Both are likeable, both are great singers.

Hey someone mentioned Smallville? That's like our soapopera, we watch that pretty regularly, but I am sooooo sick of Lana, I mean last season, she kept flipping back and forth with Clark and finally when she finds out that he loved her, now all of a sudden she's pawing over him, he doesn't have to tell her diddly squat, damn brat! Yah, I'm not sure why the producers just don't let him tell her, it's not a freaking big deal and to be quite honest, are people that freaking stupid?!! I mean duh?! All the weird phenomena going on with Clark, you would think someone would put two and two together?! Anyway...I'm not the writer or producer so what do I know? I like it when Clark's a bad guy though, LOL!
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Hello everyone! Not much doing today. DH is working till 2 then i'm gonna run to the store so i can French Onion Soup. I'll do a bit of housework. Tommorow is picture day for Shaelyn so i need to pick something out for her. My Sea Monkeys are just great! I have so many of them and they look so cute! Thats it
Take Care
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I'm glad your sea monkeys turned out ok!
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A new septic tank is being installed to add onto the old one and the area stinks to high heaven!
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Not much going on here today, just cleaning the cars and running errands. Had to go to Walmart for cat litter, its litter box changing day. Debating on if I should turn off the internet here for a while. I have a 19 year old daughter that all she wants to do is stay online and its really not a good thing. She is so unmotivated and its driving me nuts! So looks like we will do without the internet for a couple of months. I'm at my wits end about her unmotivation to do anything really. She's a smart and talented kid, that should be going to college now and isnt. She is a wonderful artist and animator and would love to see her pursue a degree, in something!
I have so much housework to catch up on the rest of the week I gotta get going on that. If I get all the laundry done today I feel like I have accomplished something today!!
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Pretty boring round at my place.

Just had a sleep in ten minutes before I have to go and catch the bus. School *Ewwwww* and nothing planned for this 'arvo

Hope everyone has a nice day.

Hugs & Smiles.
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Good Afternoon - i have been busy today looking for patches
little pillow,finally found it underneath the couch

Did the dishes and went to the grocery store,that's about it
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Hi, everyone;

I took off from work an hour early, and I am going to get to work on my niece's Halloween costume. I got all of the fabric cut last weekend, so now I need to get started sewing. Hubby's working late tonight, so I should be able to get a lot done on it.

It's cooler here today; it will be nice to go for a walk. I've been walking daily for over a week now, and want to keep the momentum going. And the puppies love it.
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Woo...didn't realize what time it was until I got on here...didn't expect to be on here this late in the day, I am usually on in the early morning when I first get to work...I have been super busy doing pointless crap for people (sorry I am a little bitter...I had a flu shot today, and I am not feeling very well.) I am ready to go home and call it a day, but I still have an hour and 45 mintues

Hopefully, I can make it home...I am really getting dizzy here...will talk to you guys tomorrow...I am going straight to bed when I get there....
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WAHOO! Sea Monkeys!!!!!
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Is it time to go home yet? Nope, another 40 minutes, assuming Earl is on time to pick me up. I'm at a point where there really isn't enough time to do anything else on my To Do list, but there's too much time to do nothing.

Earl is DJing tonight so I have no idea what I'm doing! Debating between working on the computer at home and cross stitching. Probably should stitch, since Christmas is just around the corner!

I'm pretty psyched...we got the contract to do a website for a little hotel up in the mountains, at Grand Lake. So next weekend we are going to go up there, expenses taken care of, so we can meet with the owner and get a feel for the hotel. And of course, take pictures for the site, etc. Kinda like a mini-vacation for us. Only it's a working vacation, but at this point I don't care.

Well, this managed to waste 10 minutes....only 30 more to go!
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Wow, I got started sewing on the costume, and I'm almost done already!! I was worried that this one would be really difficult, but it's been really easy so far. It's this black satin gown with metallic gold spiders & webs over it, with a high collar and cool flowing sleeves. All I have left is to hem the bottom (can't do that until I can measure my niece) and sew the collar. Whew!

Then I will have a couple of hours to myself this evening while my hubby works late. Well, by myself includes the dogs & the cat & the fish, but no other humans around. It's kind of nice to have an evening to myself...
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Record-setting heat, again. Thank goodness, that I work inside. Next week's schedules came out. Because of the time change, for the rest of the country, our schedules change, too. Instead of working 8-4:330, I'll work 9-5:30. Woo-hoo! Just what I love: rush-hour traffic!
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I hope everyone had a nice day?
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