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mixed emotions

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Life can sure throw you for a loop, can't it? I had a great day yesterday and a terrible one all in about 30 minutes!

First, the sad: My family's cat of 12 years was hit and killed yesterday. He was an 18 lb. Main Coon cat, orange and beautiful. He was most definitely the king of the house. He's always been an outdoor cat, we could never keep him inside. I guess it's amazing he lived this long with the adventuresome spirit he had. My mom called me yesterday morning crying and they had just buried him in the back yard. I feel so sad for her. He was her baby. I kept putting myself in her shoes and I'd die if my Maggie was hurt or killed.

That always makes your day bad, you know. My day started out better though.(I'm going on reverse order here). I just moved in with a friend and we both have young kitties. We were very apprehensive about them getting along and adjusting to one another. My kitty is friendly and assertive and her kitty is shy and withdrawn. But only after 1 1/2 weeks, they are inseperable! It is the cutest thing to see two little furry faces in the morning waiting for their treats. They sleep together--they've deserted both me and my roommate at night and prefer one another! I'm so thankful! I love having two kitties!

so that's why I have mixed emotions this morning. life can sure throw you a curve.
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I guess that's the nature of life Mindi
It's like a swing up and down and up and down.
I'm sorry for your mum's cat It's alwasy so hard when we lose a beloved one.
But I'm glad your two kitties get along well!
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Mindi; That's what makes life so GRAND. All the changes. . . . . . :splitter:

Sorry for your Mom's loss. I know how you always worry about a beloved pet who is not content to be confined. I hope she has ther cats to help her thru this time. . . :angel2:

Isn't it great when two young kitties find each other. They will bring you hours of enjoyment. :blubturq:

We would LOVE to see some pictures of them!
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