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random amber

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I havent posted Amber in a while and thought that I would like to. She is all better after her vaccination ordeal!

I think all cats love baskets! (with a fabric softener thrown in)

hubby is the only one who knows how to give back scratches just right...she will flop over and streeeetch expecting those back scratches from him! if I try it she will get up and walk away!!

silly girl, looking all scruffy
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Amber is so pretty . Those are some great shots you made and really look cute .
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Awww, she's sweet. And, what a perfect window for her to look out of. Amber looks so content in all her pictures
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Very cute kitty! I loved the pictured where she's being scratched, she just looks so happy and like she's enjoying it very much.
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I love Amber!!! She is so beautiful. I cant see enough pictures of her!!

And your house looks very nice....
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Down Oscar Down! He just loves Amber: We are glad that she is feeling much better.
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She is very pretty and I love the window pic!
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Those are all great shots! Glad Amber is all over her vaccination ordeal!
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:kitty5: aww, gosh, thanks guys! shes my special girl. last night she was on my lap until my butt got numb and my leg started to cramp from trying to keep my lap straight and steady for her (on the computer at the time!) lol

cats. gotta love'em!

down boy! *crack that whip!*
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Amber is very pretty.
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Amber is a beauty.... I especially like the picture of her looking out of the window.
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