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Russian Blue Needs Home

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I hope this is ok to post this in this forum, but it is not exactly an S.O.S. The sorry excuse for a human being that abused my Pearl before I got her is now abusing the "good cat." She removed the litter box from the house just so she could kick him every time he goes outside. She said she wishes he would just go away, and we would like to make this happen. She swears she will have no more cats if this one gets gone. He is a lovely Russian Blue, I am not sure if he is full blooded, but he is gorgeous, and extremely loving. If anyone in the Augusta, Georgia would like to have this sweeie, please let me know. My daughter will make arrangements to get him to you, will even meet someone within a reasonable distance. For those of you that don't know where Augusta is, it is right on the SC/GA line. I guess this is better than a shelter, but we would really love to see him removed from this situation. Thanks.
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Maybe if you have any pics of him would help . So people can see him . Is he neuter ? How old is he ?

Gosh what a awfull person to do that . Why did she even get a cat if she don't like them . I guess I am
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omg I'd like to kick her .

russian_blue_kitten is looking for a Russian Blue.. maybe you could pm her.
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Did you found a home for him ?
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I have not heard that they have found a new home for him. I think he is about 4 years old, and neutered. I am going to call my daughter in a little while and see how its going. I hoped my sister will take him, but I am not sure she could handle another. She has 2 lovely cats, and has just lost a leg to diabetes.
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