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I just had to post this pic!

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My heart melted when I saw Kahu sleeping like that - he looked so adorable, it was so hard to resist kissing him!
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Awww!!!! I love the adorable poses kitties get into when they sleep!

Give Kahu a kiss from me...when he wakes up!
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They are such innocent angels when they're sleeping
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awwwww...sleeping kitties are the sweetest!
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awww. He's beautiful!
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Too cute!
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AW! Kellye that's a cute pic!
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Awwwww: I know I'm in love now
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I know what you mean. Toes can get himself in little poses like that too and I just want to kiss him and gobble him up. The weird part is that Toes loves it when I put my face in his fur and just breathe heavy on him. Freak!
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ME TOO i love to watch my cats sleeping.
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what a sweetie
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Don't resist the urge to kiss! What a sweetie!
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Sweet dreams Kahu !!
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awhhh my likes the sweet kitty
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That is aooo CUTE!!!

I like pics of sleeping kitties.
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Sweet dreams Kahu!
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Awwww.That's such a cute pic.
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So sweet and innocent.
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