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My Heart Is Breaking

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My son brought a stray home tonight. I sooooo want to keep her. She was very hungry and she is about the same size as Ryelee but she weighs a lot less. I gave her food and water and a nice box to sleep in on our porch. If I could afford to get her fixed and shots I would bring her into our house in a heart beat. This is just tearing me up. Here are some pics of her, she reminds me of my Moms Bengal.

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Awwww, she's adorable. Do any of the local vets give discounts if you're bringing in a stray?
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What a cute kitty. Maybe you can help find her a home?
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Awwwww: She is a beauty. I sure hope that you can work it out to where she will have a good home with you or someone that you know who will take care of her.
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She's gorgeous. Is there anyone that would lend you some money?
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I don't remember where you are in Colorado, but there are a lot of low cost spay/neuter services available in the state. Please go here: and here: to help find something in your area. There are even some free services in some areas.
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My priority right now financially is getting my pup spayed. I don't know anyone to borrow from. Right now I am searching on the net for low cost spay programs. I can afford the shots, just not a spay for two animals at the same time.
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Thank you Heidi. The only one near me is the Humane Society in Eagle, I will give them a jingle tomorrow. I am in western Colorado.
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awww...she looks like my Amber! I hope you find a way to keep her.
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Okay hubby is home and he met the kitty. He is a "cat hater" He took one look at her and said sternly to my son and I that we are not to bring any more animals home after this. I don't know if you remember or not but I adopted Rylee from an animal rescue hehe. Now I just have to set everything up. First off, should I leave her outside until I have taken her in to the vet? I would hate to have her get my Rylee sick. I could lock her in the bathroom, but they would still have contact of paws under the door. Any advice would be welcome at this point.
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OMG she is so beautiful . She looks like she is only 10 month old . And those sad eyes awwwwwww
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YAY!!! Some "cat hater"! LOL

If you can keep them separate, I would bring her inside. The last thing you would want is for something to happen to her, or for her to get pregnant before you can bring her in. You could always block off the bottom of the door with towels until you get her checked. I would also groom her real well if you can with a flea comb to ssee if she has fleas. That would be top priority if she does, since those spread really easily through a house.
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She's a real sweetie! Sounds like the "hater" came around? Give them time -- they'll educate him
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I would agree to bring her inside, she would be safer there. She is a beauty. Thank you for caring for what happens to her!
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She is beautiful and once she settles in your home I am sure she will be your hubby's best friend!
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She's got a very pretty face. Please see if you can find someone who will take her.
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are you in Silt, I thought you were, did you try the CARE center outside of Glenwood. How much is the spay sugery for kitties anymore, I am not sure? message me with the info, maybe I can help a little, good luck...
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Matty & Suma, I pm'd you. I sent the pics of her to CARE. They are going to see if anyone in Silt has reported her missing. Good news is that she went through the night without a peep and probably got irritated with me coming in to check on her. She used the litter box and is eating and drinking. What a sweetie. I so wish I could let her out to explore the house, but that wouldn't be a good idea at this point. I will keep you informed when CARE calls me back.
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What a little sweetie! I'm glad you brought her in and are caring for her, I'm sure she'll get along with Rylee once you're able to properly introduce them.
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Thanks Jenn. I can't introduce them until she has seen a vet. My regular vet is out of town until the 30th, so we are working on getting her in to be seen. I would hate for Ryelee to get sick.
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She's really beautiful. I know it costs a lot more to get a female cat spayed than for a male to be neutered. I wish I could have her, but I live in California. She's got such a beautiful face.
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Yes you need to make sure that she has a clean bill of health first befor letting your cat and her get together . Better save then sorry . I am so excited about her , she is just so darn cute
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She is very beautiful! Congrats on giving her a new home

Where did your son find her? It sounds like she is pretty tame and comfortable around humans and the litter box. Maybe someone is looking for her
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