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Undercutting my store's business

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I admit- I have taken business away from our store and sent it elsewhere- the pet department stocks Hartz flea control 'One Spot', and I have been warning people against it, when they come through the checkout.

So far I've convinced every single one not to buy it, and to get Advantage from the Vet down the street. My boss would freak if he knew I was doing that! I've secretly been discussing this with the people who stock that department to try and get the product out of the order system . I feel kinda guilty, but I know that I'm helping the poor animals, as well as people who don't know its harmful- and saving them Vet bills and possibly losing a pet.

Heres hoping my boss never finds out
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Here's hoping you don't get caught!

But you may have saved a kitty's (or two or more!) life!
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Bravo to you for doing this! You are one brave lady!
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Good for you! Be careful though.
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ditto...i applaud your efforts, but be careful!!
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Honestly, as a consumer, I appreciate it when store employees steer me away from products I don't need, or that aren't as good or safe as others. Rather than turning me off from that store, I am more likely to return there to shop - I have a better feeling that I won't be throwing money away on stuff I don't need.

I have a fish tank, but didn't know much about fish when I started. My 'fish store for life' is quite a drive from here, but they sold me about 50% less stuff than I was planning on getting - I didn't need it, and it wouldn't have been good for the fish. I get all of my fish supplies there now.

However, your boss may not see things that way, so be careful! But good for you for doing what you feel is right!!
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Actually what you are doing is a good thing for business. It shows that you really care about the customers pets. Businesses that show they truly care will do better than those that don't. If your Boss is smart he/she would learn why those Hartz Spot On are bad and stop carrying them.

Just my opinion
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Good for you. I tend to agree with what others have said about treating your customers well. I will go out of my way to do business with people who provide superior customer service.
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I tend to agree with the others, also on the fish thing as well. I was advised not to buy the heap of stuff i was going to as it just was not needed. I too will use that store again for the customer service and attention.
Can you not have a quiet word with your boss about the Spot On. Perhaps he could stock another 'flea' product as he might not like losing a line just like that. Go careful.
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Thankd for the support I'm still working on getting it taken off the shelf.
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I will shop at the stores that give me honest answers and are not just trying to sell me something. If you get caught and in trouble, share that with your boss. I applaud what you are doing!!
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That is very brave of you doing so , knowing you could loose your job . That would be grat if that protuct would be gone for ever from the market . I really think they need to get the real stuff on the shelfs like atvantige and frontline/plus , then they would make more money since many people just buy those great protucts .
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