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update on litter

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hey my sister got that litter Cat Attract, i said i would let you know if it worked, well so far it has been great, the first night she used it, all 4 cats were trying to get into the litters boxes at the same time, and the kitty with the problem, that this was bought for was the first one in i am jumping for joy, i hope that is a good sign, i called her today and she said there has been alot of activity at the boxes by all the cats, so she might of found the answer im so pleased......
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I heard good things about it from my other cat group. They also said they mixed it w/ other litter and it still works great!
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oh i'm so glad to hear that it's working!! at another board i frequent, the guy said it only takes about a handful mixed with your normal litter for it to work...powerful stuff!
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That's great news! I've passed this information on to the woman who operates the rescue where I got Henrietta and Carmella. She has problems with some of her cats using the litter box.
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i know i am glad, she is going to mix it after she uses it full strenght for a couple times, i cantsmell a thing from it but on the book that came with it it said it has a earth smell to it, i guess thats the attraction, it clumps hard and its not dusty, it also said gaurented to work, os far so good.....
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When I first opened up the bag, I was hit with a musty earth smell. I only use a handful in the box and it is drawing them in there.

Dr. Elsey (inventor) is a great guy. He does respond to questions raised to him at his web site, and he has given me free phone consultation.
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yes i know, i emailed this dr. on their web site and he sent me a reply, he sounds like a kind man. i recomend this litter to anyone that is having problems with their kitty going to the litter pan
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what is the name again and where can you get it?
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the name of it is Cat Attract and you can get it at PetSmart stores
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