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Propulsid replacement?

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My vet recently prescribed Propulsid for Chester, one of my furchildren. He was totally blocked and his colon was filled. He had 2 enemas last week and is now home. However, in order for his colon to recover and regain elasticity, he needs Propulsid-and it's apparently been taken off the market. (My vet was wise enough to see it coming and had ordered it) Does anybody know where to get it, or a substitute? Thanks for any help.
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Sorry to hear about your cat.

Does your vet have any alternative in case you can't find it?
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Hi Anne-I think the only alternative is surgery-apparently it's very successful so if that's what we have to do, then that's what we'll do. We just went to the vet this afternoon and she increased his dosage-she had found a pharmacy in town that had some--so keep your fingers crossed that the increased doses do the trick!
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From what I have read and heard about the drug, I don't know if I would even use it. They took it off the market because it was causing heart problems and death in humans. Anything that is likley to do that to humans, it's likely to affect our animals. I would look into the surgeries or consult another vet for an alternative medication. Good luck with the outcome!!
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Just an update here-Chester had surgery on Feb.8-colonectomy. His medication wasn't doing the trick and we couldn't put the little guy through any more enemas. He's doing incredibly well-very active, no "accidents" and sweeter than ever. The only visable sign of his operation is his shaved belly! Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts!
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I'm happy to hear Chester is doing great. It scared me to think he was taking medicine that could cause severe risks.
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Hurrah for Chester! Having just recently lost my Frisky it is good to hear a success story.
Also good to hear that Chester is off the propulsid. Two years ago I almost lost my husband to propulsid. It can be dangerous stuff. Even our pharmacist was releived to know it was being 'pulled'.
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That's great news! Thanks for the update!
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