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Testing, please ignore

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Ahhhh...you cheated...you didn't ignore this post! lol!

I'm just here trying to figure out vB Code to make my posts look nicer. I'm just messing with it...please ignore my attempts to figure it out. We need a testing forum here!

I would like to see a test forum for people like me!

It would be ever so helpful for the computer illiterate

always good to have a place to go practice


pretty fonts

blue as a britty kitty

i don't get this one

Cindy's email


don't understand this one either
PHP Code:
what is PHP 
  • list
  • cats
  • dogs

I want to know how to use this function. looks nice in a post
Hoping nobody is looking at my ramblings...just trying to figure out what all those buttons mean. More fun to use the board when you can use all the features properly. Will help me on my other forums as well.

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Well I just couldn't resist. I peaked at your ramblings. it's okay I think I did the same thing when I first start here Good luck with everything.
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Your post cracked me up. I guess a testing forum would be fun, huh? Perhaps you should make a post in our feedback forum to bring up that discussion!

Glad to see you got your practice in!

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I just knew someone was going to read this...lol. Thanks Hissy...I'm reading up on vB Code now. Cindy W.
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Dtolle said:

Your post cracked me up.
hee hee hee!

I might get this figured out yet. Do most of you who really utilize the vB Code use normal or Enhanced Mode?

[font=century gothic]Do I like this font?
[font=courier new]or this one?
[font=times new roman]or this one?
[font=arial]or...maybe this one?

You will be glad to know...I'm done practicing for the night.

Cindy W. --------->[i]cuddling up with my furbabies for the night pretty soon now.
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is this right?

getting better...

I'll have this figured out soon

For those poor souls reading this, I hope, for their sake, soon.

I have to remember to "close all tags"

Enough said. Good night all!

Big kisses to your kitties!
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Originally posted by Cindy W.
Ahhhh...you cheated...you didn't ignore this post! lol!

I would like to see a test forum for people like me!

I wasn't going to read it until I saw there were 7 replies to it!

If we had a thread like this I'm afraid it would turn into another "Spam" thread. <sigh>
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Originally posted by vettechstudent
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When you go to make a post at the bottom are two options:
"Submit reply" and "preview reply."
If you click on preview reply you can see what your post will look like along with all your 'ramblings' without having to have a test forum/thread. Just click the 'X' in the top right corner of your window to close the thread so your experimentations dont get posted. Enjoy
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I have always wanted to find out a bit more about all those things but I can use bold haha and this
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Seeing if this IMG thing works for me...

[IMG]community.webshots.com/scripts/editPhotos.fcgi?action:showMyPhoto&albumID=83384939&photoID=98840038&security=cX afNv[/IMG]

Hmmmm...that doesn't seem right...let's see...did it work?
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Why are computers so hard to figure out?!? I'll keep working on it...lol...
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The easiest way to upload a photo here is imagestation: www.imagestation.com

Create an account and follow the instructions to add a photo to an albulm. Then to get it to show right click on the image in your album that you want to use and select properties. Then copy the text you see there where it says address URL. It should look something like this:

Then in your post select the IMG button and paste the url there or just paste it in the text and type [IMG] [/IMG] with your URL address between them.

Good luck anc let me know if you need help.
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Is Webshots comparable to Imagestation? Can I use the pictures that I have posted on Webshots? Let me know! (I'm working the night shift tonight, and would LOVE to figure this out...besides, it will help me stay awake!)...Cindy W...........>thanks a bunch!
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I've never used webshots before...try the right-click adress url between [IMG] [/IM]thing. It should work. Imagestation works easy except you cant upload GIFS. Does Webshots allow gifs? I need a place for that.
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hope that works...
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I did as you instructed, I think...

Isn't there an easier way to copy that URL? It is so long. I couldn't copy and paste it...that didn't work for me. Am I doing something wrong? What is with the red X???

Cindy W......>you'll lose your patience with me, I think...lol
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It should work if your site is one that allows image hosting.
Did you type [IMG] at the begginging and then [/IMG (with a ]) at the end?
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Oh and I wont lose patience I was once innocent to this annoying process once too
what are you wanting the images for? YOur signature or just to add to a post?
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see if that worked...I left out a few things before...crossing my fingers...Cindy W.
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To be able to post more than one picture per post. Instead of having a different post for each individual picture, I thought it would be nice to put a few small pictures on one post, if that makes any sense. Yes, and at some point, it would be nice to add a nice signature picture.

I think I am doing something wrong here...just getting the dreaded red X!!!

Cindy...good thing you are a patient woman!
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Well the easiest thing to do is try imagestation. It's easy and once you get the hang of it then you can try other sites or that webshots place. Are you uploading your photo to the site, rightclicking on the photo clicking on properties and then cutting ALL the text beside where it says adress and/or URL??? Trust me it will fit on here. Some of my photos the URL has been 3 lines of text! Just make sure you copy it all then click on the IMG button above the text box in your post and then paste the URL there. If it doesnt fit then leave the things that are at the end of the URL(the [IMG] things) and delete what little showed up. Then paste the URL between the [IMG] things. Aslong as you have http:// and the [IMG] things it should work.

Oh as for patience...I love to help people and what patience I have I have learnt from my cats.
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Cindy, I see you are trying Image Station. The best way to get the address of your photos is to right click on sized picture you want to post, choose Properties. In the box is the URL, the web address of the picture, highlight it and copy it (either Ctrl+C or right click on the highlighted text and choose Copy). Then come here, click the IMG button and Paste (Ctrl+V) into the prompt. Don't try to hand type it in, if that is what you are doing (kinda sounds like it at 11:00, forgive me if I'm too tired to think! ). One character off and you'll get the dreaded Red X.
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ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm tired...going to go get some fresh air...wake up...get some coffee...

I tried the Control C...the Control V...worked slick...but...still that damned red XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

Gotta splash my face with water...take a break...i'll be back...be patient with me...I must be a S L O W learner...lol.

Cindy W.
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You're ALMOST there! The only problem with this one was that there are two http:// at the beginning of the address. (You have to make sure you delete the one that automatically pops up in the IMG box when you paste the copied address.)
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I copied your URL and tried it to see if I could figure it out. I got it to work:

Just delete the second http://
also in the url I noticed it said thumb. Did you want the image that small?
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Oh WOW! AMAZING...hee hee hee! Think this might work?

No...was thinking a little bit bigger...it's a picture of Duncan on the stairs.

Now...how to get it a bit bigger?

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