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Kitty food taste test

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I've decided to make canned food a more regular part of my cat Toby's life, so today I went out and bought one can each of 5 different brands. I thought it might be nice to give him the choice, you know, since he'd be the one who had to eat it.

I did a little research, and picked out Innova, California Natural, Wellness as my favorites. I also got something called Eagle Pack, which I'd never heard of before, but the ingredients seemed fine to me. And to round it off I picked a can of Science Diet. It's my least favorite, b/c from my little bit of research it just seemed the others were better.

I brought them all home, opened the tops, stirred them up a little and set them in a row on the table. Then I got Toby, set him on the table, and told him to "Enjoy!"

Well, he took his time. Gave a quick inspection to the Innova and Califrnia Natural, but refused to taste them. The Eagle Pack and the Wellness each got a nibble or two, and he seemed to be ready to give either some further consideration, but then he got a wiff of the Science Diet, and I could see the contest was over. He dove into it.

So, of course, he'll get his way. Just because it's not what *I* would have chosen, I shouldn't feel so miffed, right? After all, this is for his benefit.

But you would think that he should know which is supposed to be best for him, and that he would choose that one...
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They never do what is actually best for them do they My boys want eat any kind of wet food,at least Sammycat wan't anyway. Oscar will eat anything you put in front of him, I think it was a throw back from when he was found and almost dead from starvation.
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Yeah... give Toby a break! He's the one eating it!
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If there is a walmart near you- Special Kitty is the same as 9-Lives and a lot cheaper than the other brands you just mentioned.
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