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I am new here.

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I have eight cats, included in them are 3 new kittens that I have taken in. Seven of my cats are strays or kittens from strays, but I do have a pure bred bengal, can he get into trouble.

One of the strays that I took in was a three to five year old unfixed male. When I took him down to get him fixed I was informed that he was FIV positive. I took him home and was wondering what to do. He wanted to go out for a little bit and he disappeared. I guess males have a problem when you mess with that part of their anatomy. Anyway two month's latter he showed back up again. (this was within a couple days of Columbia going down, so I named him Ilan.)

I have tested my other cats for FIV and they are negative. He has gained a lot of weight and does not seem to be showing any symtoms.

Maybe this can help someone who has a FIV positive cat?

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Welcome to the site Annette! Bless you for taking in the unwanted ones. I'm sure they thank you every day.

There are lots of Bengal fans here, myself included.
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Welcome to this site and nice meeting you and your kitties .
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FIV positive cats can live long and healthy lives. As long as you don't have any cat fights going on, you should be okay. He can infect others, but only through his saliva. Mutual grooming should perhaps be discouraged though, as he could pass it to the others that way as well.

Please try and keep him indoors, if he fights with a tom he can spread the disease. Just keep an eye on his health, when they are FIV it opens them up to secondary infections. Welcome to the boards!
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welcome to the site. I don't have information on FIV but I know there are people here who do. Thank you for taking care of this poor baby.
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welcome aboard! i think Bengals are beautiful!!! all cats are, but bengals are so exotic looking!
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Hi and welcome aboard.

Nice to meet you and your dear kitties.
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a warm welcome to you
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hiya, and welcome!!!

I have an FIV ex-stray living with 2 non-FIV persian cats. All are now pretty well indoor cats, and only go outside when supervised. The stray has taken to this lifestyle very happily, and has put on weight also due to a more sedentary existence and due to having been neutered (as well as his monster appetite and dustbin mentality - he eats ANYTHING!!!!!).

My boy has an on-going ear infection that needs constant medication -- other than that, we do have to take extra care with him to watch for any other signs of illness.

I took him in on the basis that although he looks like a bruiser he is competely disinclined to fight with my other two cats. If there was a risk of my 2 persians getting injured or infected I would have thought twice about bringing him into our home.

Good luck with your FIV baby - let us know how things go.
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Welcome, from one Bangel owner to another.
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Welcome Annette,

Thanks for rescuing so many homeless Kitties. That's Great of you!!

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Hell and welcome Annette! A big welcome to all of your furbabies as well!
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My bengal's name is Curzon Dax. He is two and a half. He is a brown spotted sorrel. He gets into everything. I had spoiled him. Where I lived before it was well away from any roads and other houses so he was allowed outside during the day. Now that I have moved, I now own, he must stay inside. He sneaked out a couple days ago and now he whines non stop to be let out again. I take him for a walk in the mornings though.

I just took in another female stray that I had been feeding. I took her down to get fixed and didn't have the heart to throw her back out. Curzon growls his head off, but he did the same thing with the kittens I took in, now they are best friends.

I am working with an organization to help get the stray cats fixed but it is a never ending job. That is why I allowed myself one pure breed. Curzon has been wonderful playmate to the stray kittens.

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Welcome Annette! It is wonderful of you taking care of so many cats and also working for such a good cause! Hello too to Curzon!
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Welcome to TCS
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