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Do You Believe In Ghosts??????

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Look what I found....just in time for Halloween!!!! :witch:
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I believe in ghosts, and I always have! Thanks Lorie, for the link!
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having experienced various "paranormal" activities myself...Yes, yes i do.

you have to see it to believe, i think.
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Like RaggieMom said. I have seen and I believe.
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oh thank goodness i'm not the only one here who has!!

that somehow makes me feel better...
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I have seen and do believe. Very common occurance at my house and at my parents home.
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Yes I believe they exist. I always had a suspicion, but my cats and my daughter confirmed it for me.
Freaks me out a bit!
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like what mamakat says, meow meow always confirms it for me....
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we have a ghost in the chicken coop out back. Our dog misty plays with him.
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nice site - I'm just sceptical thats all.
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Experienced and believed!
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Thanks for the site. It looks like its going into my favorites I believe and have seen ghosts. Its one of my little passions.
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I believe in ghosts. I've seen some of those investigators on tv before too. It's pretty amazing to watch them.
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Ohhh I like being awkward - never seen one, dont believe in them and never will. Watched most haunted last night from the Edinburgh Vaults - scared me half to death but there was nothing there at all and nothing was proved. Watched enough films to make me mr sceptic - although I am always open to be proved otherwise.
Never spooks until spooken too
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I've never experience any, and I truly hope I never do. My mother told me that when she was a little girl, that she experienced a ghost in her house. So, I'm open to believe in them. I just hope they stay away from me.
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I've experienced it and believe.
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I hope I never run into one!
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Another experiencer/ believer here!
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I totally beilieve and have experienced as well. Whew! It's nice to know I'm not alone!
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yes i believe in hubby has had an encounter with
2 of them when he was a teenager
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I believe in ghosts though I have never had an encounter(don't especially want one either). My grandmother will very rarely tell the story of her encounter.
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ooooh no not seen one, which is odd in a way, as i've always felt like im able to 'predict' thigs, like i always have a really strong gut instinct something will happen and it usually does.

i don't know why i think i'd be able to see a ghost, guess i thought that it all came under one paranormal umbrella type thing

So i don't know if i believe. Guess i'll have to see something to believe
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