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Cat only eats fish flavors

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Hi everyone,

Lilly is a very picky eater with wet food. I've tried everything from friskies to merrick to science diet. She refuses to eat any meat flavored wet food (but loves her dry) and only eats fish flavors which I know is not the best. Is there any way I can entice her to eat meat flavors? I've tried crushing her dry food and treats onto the food, she looks at me like are you kidding and goes on a hunger strike until I give her fish :/ what to do?!
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My kitties are the same (not with fish, but only liking friskies and the gravy kind) so I plan on mixing 75% of their current food with 25% of a plate type of food to hopefully get them interested in it. Then slowly to 50/50, and so on. So you could do 75% fish flavored with 25% other.

Have you gave that a try yet? Good luck! I know it can be frustrating with picky eaters.
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Thanks for the idea! I haven't tried that yet. Knowing her she will find a way to eat the fish and not the food I want her to lol. It really is frustrating, cats are such divas!

Good luck with your kitties too!
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Some other tricks that may work for your fish addict: 1) try adding a little bit of crushed bonito flakes on top o the meat flavors. Bonito flakes have a really strong scent so may fool your diva into thinking it's fish flavored. If she likes tuna, you can pour a little tuna water on top of the food. Good luck.
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Thank you! I'll try both. I've seen Bonita flakes at petco but always walked right past them.
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