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Need help with giving kitten meds

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My kitten is being treated for a URI and I am having a really difficult time giving her the meds. My vet has her on famciclovir and azithromycin and in addition to that, I ordered L-lysine and lactoferrin to add to the regimen because I know it is effective. Anyway, I have tried everything I can think of and I am not having any success. I tried crushing the tabs, adding water, and placing it a syringe, but as soon as I express it into her mouth, she starts spitting it out..looks like she's foaming at the mouth. I also tried adding it to her food and that worked the first day, but now she is wise to it! I mixed the food up well, incorporating all of the meds/supplements into her food and she sniffed it and walked away. I have L-lysine gel and I was placing it on my finger and putting it in the corner of her mouth, but she gagged and threw it up. I also tried using the treats, which my other cats love, and she sniffed it and took off. Aside from her eyes tearing every now and then, she really does not have any other symptoms. She is very healthy otherwise, but despite this, I really want to treat her URI so that she completely clears up. Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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Have you tried a pill popper. The vet office usually has them. Also, there are pill pockets. You can buy them at the pet store. They really worked well for my cats. This link might help you.
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My cats love the pill pockets too, they eat them so fast they don't notice the pills! When those fail I ask my vet for the antibiotic injection, it lasts 10 days. no pills! It's a little pricey at 50.00 but well worth it!

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I did try the pill pockets and she sniffed it and walked She looked up at me as if to say " come on, I am not falling for that trick mom!" I was REALLY hoping that she would take the pills because I hate the idea of forcing her to take them. I'm afraid that all of this is going to make her not want to be around me :(

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Hi, if the kitten is old enough the vet would have suggested an antibiotic injection.  The only thing you can do is force the cat to take the medicine. I suggest wrapping the kitten in a towel tightly but not to tight. Have the pill or liquid ready. For pills, get a good hold on the kitten, force mouth open and place pill as far back as possible and hold mouth shut. For liquids, slowly place in mouth, give them chance to swallow and then repeat until finished. I have done this for many kittens over the past year. Most of them are still affectionate and loveable.  The only two that started to hate me were the ones I was fostering and was giving them medicine for 45 days out of the three months that I had them.  

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