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Hi everyone, I am a relatively new cat mommy! I have one gray 4month DSH named Momo and she is my world!! I got her from a family friend, and she was the runt of the litter and the shyest! She was so hard to see the first time I visited! I've had her since she was about 2 and a half months old and I think we've become pretty close. She's definitely not shy anymore and she loves to snuggle! She also likes to be picked up sometimes - Thank goodness she does. She's so cute and fuzzy I just can't resist her!


I'm also adopting a new kitten from a no-kill cat shelter. His name is Beanie and he's a sweetie from what I can tell. He's a bit shy, but once we started throwing a ball around he started to play. I have no doubt that he and Momo will get along! He only a few weeks older then her as well.


I live in a big city in an apartment with my boyfriend, John. He loves Momo too and we're both excited for Beanie to join us (we have to wait for Momo to be spayed before picking him up, which will be February 5th).


I've been using this site since I received Momo but just recently made an account. I am so glad I found this site - everyone seems so nice!

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Pictures will come eventually!

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No welcome until you post pics. :lol: Just kidding.


Welcome to TCS! Your cat sounds like a little doll! I can't wait to see pics of her and your new kitty once he arrives. I look forward to hearing about their antics! 

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Yes, we all love pictures (especially those of us that have no idea how to post them)! Welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll get lots of tips on cat care, I think we've got hundreds of years of experience between us all! Good luck and God bless for being a wonderful cat mother!

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Here are some pictures below of Momo, my first:





Sorry the pictures are so bad!!! They were all taken on my basic phone. I will probably take more pictures of her on my IPod.

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