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Bored to Tears, Woman Hurls TV Out Window

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Bored to Tears, Woman Hurls TV Out Window

Oct 21, 8:26 am ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 25-year-old German woman enraged over another Saturday night of boring television programs and dull re-runs hurled her TV set out the window of her fifth floor apartment window, police said Monday.
"There was nothing decent on so I just threw the thing out the window," the woman identified as Veronika K., told Bild newspaper.

No one was hurt in the incident in Potsdam. She later calmed down and watched another television with her children.

I can sympathize sometimes!
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I understand her totally . While I was still in germany they really did not have anything on TV , especialy on the weekends . Then all what they show is re-runs . I guess nothing has changed since 92
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LOL this sounds like something I might do
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LMAO - I am sure I would do the same thing, but if I threw my telly out the window, it won't break The windows are too low.
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Kiwideus your windows are to low how funny .
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I have threatened to do the same thing. I am not a fan of most reality shows or sitcoms and there's very little left after that. How can I have 155 channels on my tv and not find anything to watch?? I long for the good old days when I was a kid. We had 4 channels and there was always something good on. I guess the competition to get on the air was more fierce with only 4 channels. Sigh.
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That's so funny! and Kellye LMAO about yours not breaking!

I never have this problem as we have so many problems and there is normally always something decent on and if there's not there are always the music channels
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Boy that woman is scary! I wonder what she would do to people who would bore her in a party!
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Yayi , through coctails at them j/k
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That's classic, I wish I can throw my tv's out the window because I get sick of them all the time!
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I can agree with her, especially when watching the "networks" with those TERRIBLE reality shows.
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Is Amber a real Bobcat? She's so cute. Where did you get her
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Ellie, yes she is She came to live with us from the state of Montana. She was not captured and taken from the wild, she came from a breeder. Yes, she is still a wild cat, but again, was not taken out of the wild.
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Ahhhh, she is so cute. I wish we had some wild bobcats around here but the last one seen in this area was in 1947.

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