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Dearest Rene :angel2::angel2:

Where have you been??? I've often wondered and perhaps should've asked! There are couple other people when I joined that were so sweet and I don't know where they are...
Be that as it may, I'm so happy :daisy: to see you! You really made my day...it's now 2:30 am...:laughing: I couldn't sleep so...here I am. Well, if you never left and my meds are waaaaaay off like usual, then I apologize, I've been having some trouble lately with this and it causes severe memory problems. :confused3:
I am just delighted to see you. I know I haven't seen you here at the lounge lately, but then again, I have been working with Max's case (you remember Max?)
You remembered my baby Kadaffi I am so flattered!! Yet, I'll never forget your never ending support!

Thnak you for such a gentle, loving, post and I hope we all can welcome these words of inspiration in order to work through all of our differences.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on again (as well as a pic of that new tattoo)

Love &
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Originally posted by TIPTOP
Sorry, I just saw this post, and think it is quite rude. There's a way to increase a person's self-esteem!! I' not jumping on you Tiptop, so no offense to you.
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Dear Tigger,

I just wanted to stop by here and clarify something. We (Catarina, TipTop and myself) have all made peace with each other. But because we did it by PMing each other, you couldn't have known that. I appreciate your support.

Oh TipTop , is there any specific reason why you're still typing in all CAPS?? With all due respect, it IS taken as yelling and there is really no reason to do that, as Tigger had no way of knowing we're all friends again. Just wanted you to know.

Rene, is this tattooing a private party or can anyone join? I'd like to go, unless it's a bonding thing with you and Sandie.



PS Don't let the Avatar fool you, I'm actually typing on my daughter's computer that's why it says "Callie"
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[color=sky blue]Dearest Tigger

As you see, it is my pleasure to see that Donna and I have resolved our differences, but we did take things to private messages. Please do the same sweetie. I wasn't even aware how to use them at first...so, I don't know maybe you're not aware of them yourself...sorry to be presumptuious, if not, the person that you'd like to pm has a button at the bottom of their name and just click on that and it'll take ya right to it. Also, there's a "user" cp button on the top of that page so you can set many different options for yourself...kinda cool huh? In defense of TipTop...since he is my boyfriend...maybe you'ld like to read "Welcome TipTop" Thread...that explains everything...oh, and as far as the caps thing...well, I know Philip isn't yelling and he loves typing in caps..even to me...for whatever it's worth ...I know he's not yelling intentionally

Peace & Love...[/color]
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Hey Cat,

That was me that posted under Callie. I'm on my daughter's computer and forgot to sign on as me. I understand that Philip isn't yelling. I just thought maybe his caps were locked up.


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Hi Donna

:laughing: :laughing: geeeeeez I meant to send that to Tigger!!! :laughing: Boy, I'm getting messed up here!!!

Anyway, I'll go fix that and I did read your post and saw you were on your daughter's computer...I guess her name just stuck in my head! :laughing: Well, I hope we can just drop this now:laughing: Hmmmmmmmm????? Maybe they are and he's so used to that... He types that way to me all the time :laughing:
See ya later

Love &
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Donna you didn't ask me but I dont think it's a bonding thing. The first reason I am going is because now I want one, second is that I have 11 of them and am comfie going and 3rd is because I live in Groton and thats where we are going. Of course I still have to ask Rene when we are going.
TLK, tattoo's generally start at 50.00. It depends on the shop,the colors,detail and size. They usually set a min based upon how much it costs them for sterilization equiptment and such.
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Hey Tip:

Thanks for the release of the caps lock key. No offense, but it gives me a headache to read that way.

If you like big, try changing the size!

Hey, and in Tigger's defense, you can stop dead in your tracks while reading a post and click the "quote" icon immediately. Perhaps Tigger just reacted without reading the whole thing through to its resolution.
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Hey Tip,

In the space above the box I'm currently typing in is a place to alter the stuff you type.

I can use bold, italics, or underlined.

I can also vary the color, as Catarina is fond of doing.

Finally I can alter the size. The choices are:
small, large, and huge!

The eyes are fine, better than 20/20. I have the miracle of Lasik to thank for that one.
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Hey Sandie...

I got my first tattoo 7 years ago, when I was 18. The cost than was $40 bucks for a daisy :daisy: on my ankle. My fourth and last tattoo, I got 2 years ago, when I was 23, is a Lily :flower: on my back(shoulder) it was $150. It isn't too much bigger than the first one, just has a little more color.

I am not sure how the prices differ from state to state, but I know that is costs a small fortune now. :LOL: Well, a small fortune to me
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Just had a thought...yes it does sting a bit ..for those who are contemplating a tat but can't decide. In our area at every fair,etc there are folks doing face painting for the kids. This is a special paint that washes off easily and is not irritating. Perhaps you could get the tat painted on,wear it for a day or so and see how you like it.

As for the belly-button thing being removed by pregnant women,I agree.
The kid might start playing with it during the night or might get hung up during delivery...like a bungee jumper. Out-In-Out-IN!!! Childbirth could take DAYS!!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Just Kidding about that ladies!!!
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My whole concern about the navel ring during pregnancy is the fact that somewhere along the way, you no longer have a navel, unless of course, I'm the exception to the rule.
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It's true Deb25...

How does that work? Most ladies belly buttons pop out from
and innie to an outie. I would think you would have to take
the ring out.

All I know is Molly loves to bite mine and try to pull it out
Not a pleasant feeling!!
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I didn't even have an outie, more like a "flatie". It just looked like a scar or something. The navel ring would have been hanging on by a thread!
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I'm with ya Deb25. I've never seen a pregnant woman with an "innie" belly button... well at least not when she was "showing" in her pregnancy! :LOL:

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Cat said her post was meant to be a PM to Tigger, and I was wondering if you can send attachments and PM's in colors?
I'm asking this because my Options i.e. Browse button, font size, etc still don't work for some reason and I'm jealous that I'm so limited!
If and when I get it fixed, can I send PM's in color and attach stuff?


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Dear Cleo:angel2:

I think you may have misunderstood me, I made an error by addressing that posting to Donna when it was meant for Tigger, I wasn't going to pm her...however; I decided to pm you just now...you have a pm so you can see the color I put in it as well as smilies....I can't put attachments on the pm's either...nor on the email... but, I don't understand why you're not able to use your edit options...hmmmm??? Ya got me babe

Maybe you can ask Anne and you guys can figure it out...but I'm probably misunderstanding you now!

Love &,
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Yo Deb25,

I have absolutely no idea if my navel was an innie or an outtie cuz I COULDN'T SEE IT!!!!! Not only that but I never realized that I had stretch marks till Amy was born! I looked like a zebra! That, added to my caesarian scar was a real picture. I told Amy I should've charged her rent for the womb :laughing:. If I ever tried to cover all that stuff up with a tattoo, it would look like a billboard.


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Right there with you, Donna. I might as well tattoo a river scene because the natural contour of the area would add to the effect.
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Cat, tried to pm you, but it isnt working now either!

Anyway, thanks for the response, sorry for the misunderstanding...no harm...no foul!


(at least I still have my smilies!)
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Dear Cleo:angel2:

I wonder what's going on with that!:confused3: hmmmmm??? Now I'm gonna be wrackin my brains out trying to figure out what the problem may be...

Good Luck hon! Keep the good attitude, it'll be fixed soon I'm sure of it...we'll figure it out...did ya ask Anne yet???

Later sweets :angel2:
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The problem lies in my pc.. . not with the site...I think?
I'm having other problems too, like when I try to save anything (images to file) I get Error messages and it closes the program, and many times I have to reboot.
I think I may have to just save files I want to keep, and flush the whole thing and start over.

Thanks for the kind words

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Dear Cleo:angel2:

Yes, I do believe that is does and one of my questions is do have a good virus detector..??? Also, have you loaded any new programs up lately or new hardware? There might need to be some reconfiguring within the pc...there's a great utility you can get, I have it...let me see if I can send you the program... I need your email addy. If I can't well, I can burn a copy of it. Maybe that'll help.

Let me know
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How on EARTH did I miss this whole thread??????
I am glad everyone has resolved their differences, and made nice again!
Phillip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI and WELCOME!!!!!! (yes I was yelling there...:laughing: )
Catarina.....I am SO curious (you know that killed the cat, but...)
I want to see the picture that caused so much contraversy here, could you e-mail it to me?

lil' sis

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Okay - I am bummed because I have to wait until September or October to get my tattoo (it is a money thing) so Michele and Donna - we can all go - if they will take all of us on the same day. Sandie and I don't need to bond as we are already bonded! As I am to both of you too!
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Dearest lil sis :angel2:

Of course, I'll send it right now...anymore requests? Just let me know

Love ya :angel2:
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Well I am really late coming in on this one!

I had my ears pierced when I was 10. I had always wanted them done and envied all my pierced friends as a little girl. But when I had mine done, I was a huge wuss and cried

I had my eyebrow pierced in 1996, before it got really popular. I had a 16-guage (that is actually a small post diameter for those who may be thinking I had a huge one put in-- the larger the guage the skinnier the piercing) hoop-with-ball put in. Luckily the place was empty except for me, my mother, my sister, my then-boyfriend, and the piercing guy. I think my family wanted to come along because they had this sick fascination. I know my sister was about 12 at the time and she was just enthralled. Anyway, they guy was behind the chair getting everything ready, and he said something, so I turned to look, and I saw him holding the biggest needle ... I don't think I was meant to see that! When he stuck the needle in my eyebrow, my heart was beating so quickly, but it didn't hurt at all. I could feel blood just dripping down my face, though. He got the hoop in, and then took what seemed an eternity messing with getting the ball in place then clamping it shut. I thought i was fine, but when I went to stand up I got all dizzy :laughing2 (the same reaction I always get when having blood drawn) Anyway, I went and had a 40 of beer that night, and slept on the opposite side of my face!

I kept the ring in for about 7 months, but it never seemed like it healed up right. It also kept "dragging" or "drooping" down, so that I had a big slit where the original top part of the hole was. I finally took it out, meaning to put the hoop back in the next day, but by then part of the hole must have closed up and I couldn't get the hoop back in.

I've been meaning to have my eyebrow redone with a barbell instead of a hoop, but have yet to get around to doing it. It's been 4 years since I took my old piercing out, so we'll see if I ever actually do get re-pierced
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I have no clue how they do all these piercings because mine are confined to the ears, which they do with that gun (although, I did see a tongue being done once).

Anyway, I had my ears first pierced when I was in 8th grade, long before the gun days. A friend of my mother's did it in her kitchen with ice for numbing and a huge needle. In those days (me <-- rocking in my chair), it was only customary for babies of Hispanic descent to have their ears pierced in infanthood. The mothers did it in this way. I distinctly remember her coming at me with the huge needle. The minute she was done with both ears, I promptly threw up all over her kitchen floor!
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I think the only places that use piercing guns these days are those jewelry and accessory stores and beauty salons. Thing with piercing guns is that they can't be sterilized very well, or something like that.

When doing body piercings they use hollow needles, with the end large enough to slip your jewelry inside so they can just do it in one fell swoop.

All I know is that the needle that was used on me was huge! Like 2 inches long or something.
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Ich! I think the thing that got me at the time is that I heard my skin "pop" as she put the needle through, since it was right in my ear. Makes my skin crawl even now!
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