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Hey there! :angel4:'s

I come from an old Italian family and I had mine done at birth too! I thank God I didn't have to go through all that Deb! EEEEks I probably would've thrown up and then promptly fainted!

The reason they use these big needles so, I'm told, is so the jewelry can be put in much easier (with that mindset, you could stick a 1/2" dowel in there duh??): and that the quicker the piercing, the more likely a keloid will occur (it's kind of like a very hard scar that occurs within the skin underneath the piercing. I'm sure you seen them on people before. It's not very pleasant and the people this happens to usually have to wait some time before it disappears or have it surgically removed!

I wouldn't mind learning how to do this, it seems so interesting and I'm sure I'd meet some really cool people too.

Good luck with your future piercings and tattoos ...

Love &
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here it is, but I am going to modify it some!
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it isn't working so:

but like I said, I am going to change it, probably into a lop bunny!

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Well, Cat, piercing can't be that hard to learn. Plenty of people just wing it. When I was in high school, you were in the same homeroom for all 3 years. Now this was back in the era where daring was your standard ear piercing and 1 extra in the left ear (not right- it was a symbol of being gay). Anyway, you had homeroom for 10 minutes. I spent 3 years sitting alphabetically between this one guy and another girl. The running joke was that everytime Barb got drunk over the weekend, she'd have somebody pierce her ears again. By senior year, this chick had more earrings than a jewelry store. It got to the point where that was the first thing we'd count on Monday morning. That girl had one hell of a time in high school!
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Dear Deb :angel2:

Hey there...yeah, you're probably right, I guess you have to be more concerned about cleansing of your tools to prevent any type of bacteria. Also, I do think you'd have to be around someone to see how the proper technique is...I've been to three places and each of them were quite different. My first piercing...I thought I was truly a goner and the second one was so painless. My third was not very painful however the ramifications were quite severe.

I don't like to many piercings on my face I know that some people can pull it off pretty well, I look like a Christmas Tree.

Later Sweetie
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Ok..... I don't know why I feel like I have to appologize, but I am sorry if I upset people. First of all, I do know what I was reading about, and I thought I would reply back to that one comment. Sorry if I have pissed someone off or whatever, but that was not what I want. To tell me that I don't know what I was reading and that it was petty of me to give my opinion is what me, but it is over and I am not going to say anything else. After all, it was my opinion and I am entitled to give it. And, I am glad you all worked out your issues with each other.
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I believe the issue here is that the conflict was resolved by the time you came along. People have been walking on eggshells around here recently, and when we somehow manage to extinguish another fire, nobody really wants to reopen the issue and get the whole thing going again.
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Friend man,great tatoos you've got. Some real beauties. But,ummmm..what does the dotted line across your forehead mean?

Tattooed Man.... Oh,that's my tolerance capacity for BS!!!!!!
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The only new item thats has been added to my pc is the cd burner.
A friend did it for me after I tried and my monitor blew up ...oh wait, I have a new monitor too! :LOL:
I have no clue (as always) what the problem is?

I'd love it if you have a solution, my e-mail addy is in my profile, or I'll pm it to you in a few.

Thanks love,

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Dear Cleo :angel2:

I looked on your profile and didn't see it...can you just send me a blank email to: ...thanks

Let me see if I can send that program...that'd be awesome! I hope it will help...also, oh, you never did mention...what OS are you windows 95 98 2000. If you're using 98, there's a troubleshooting guide in the help files...type in troubleshooting, then go to hardware conflicts. Follow the the meanwhile I'll be uploading (I hope ) that program...with us both working on this...hopefully we can get it resoloved.

Love &,

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Cat -
I have been around - lying low, giving advice now and then, but I don't get to post a lot because most of my evenings I am rescueing or adopting out or updating my website! But every so often I come on and put in my two cents worth. All my volunteers have far surpassed me in the amount of posts they have done compared to mine, but I do love this site and try to help when I can (or just have fun). Private message me once in awhile and we can catch up!
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Dearest Rene :angel2:

It's so great to hear from you! I wasn't sure if you saw my post, but I guess you did

Sounds like you've been so busy giving your heart out to all our little babies. You're so wonderful. Please tell me where your site is so I can visit okay?

I would love to stay in touch...It's also good to know that I've not totally lost my mind yet....(yet, being the operative word)

God Bless You Rene! :angel2:

Love &,
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Knowing that Rene probably won't be online until Sunday night, I will post her web address. She has some beautiful cats for adoption right now. For anyone who has never been to the Helping Paws site, she also has some very good articles she has written in the newspaper.
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I need to keep up on things in this forum a little more. The subjects and conversations are very interesting. On the topic of piercings and tatoos, I just have my ears pierced . I have considered getting a tatoo many times, but have heard so many bad stories that I always chicken out. My sister has a small dragon winding around a rose on her lower leg . By far the worst thing was another family member who had a huge green tree frog put on her arm that stretched out over her collar bone. It was beautiful until she went to pick out a wedding dress. Everything she tried on had one of the frogs little feet sticking out.
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Dear Sandie :angel2:

Thanks alot for posting, I never knew that's what Rene :angel4: did. I'd definitely love to check out her site. Thanks again

Love &,

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Dear Shannon :angel4:

Hey, I wonder if that stuff "Derma-Blend" would've covered that up??? I'm serious, that stuff covers just about everything!

I hope she has time to give it a try!

Love &,

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Catarina; I love your "Froggy Love" attachment!
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Dear Darlene :angel2:

Hi there! I loved that one too, I just never got to use it because there were no particular occassions...involving frogs...

Love &,
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The link you posted for Rene's web site won't work for me. Perhaps there's a problem at my end? Please let me know, dear readers, if that link works for you so I can take appropriate action (whatever that is) to access Rene's site.

Thank you!

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Joe, Rene, or Sandie; As of five minutes ago; it would NOT work for me (WEBTV) either.

TLK (Darlene)
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Didn't work for me either.

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Apparently this is not the conspiracy against you, as it won't load for me either.

Hey, wait a second! Maybe it's both of us!
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Hi Joe My IE is messed up, but I can still use my AOL browser and I can't get it through, it does appear messed up. Bummer I hope Sandie sees this soon so she can tell Rene Thanks ahead of time Sandie
Love &
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Try this one.....

Helping paws
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Dear Imagyne :angel2:

Worked like a charm! Thanks a bunch, I'm finally going to see if for the first time!

Love &,

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Thanks, Imagyne, for the link! Helping Paws is a wonderful organization and I wish all of you engaged in that effort continued success in your humanitarian mission.

Deb25: My two best investigators have uncovered a worldwide conspiracy directed and you and me personally, but they suggest we not discuss it on line. (See photograph below.)

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I sure did need a little pick-me-up tonight, and that put a smile on my face. I appreciate every nanosecond it took you to scour the net for that one. Thanks!
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