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Message to all from Anne-

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No the baby is NOT here yet! And in order to keep it that way, Anne is taking a few days off the computer. She has promised to let me know if anything dramatic happens, but right now, just to play it safe she is just back in bed and not playing with the laptop on top of her very pregnant belly-
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Tell Anne not to worry about us and to focus on delivering a healthy baby and keeping healthy herself.
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I TOTALLY agree, Ady!!!! Anne - we're all thinking about you and the baby! I hope you get LOTS of rest, and that he decides to keep growing just where he's supposed to be right now.
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Yeah tell Anne we have everything under control here

Look forward to seeing her back but for all the right reasons!

Take Care Anne!
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Take care of yourself & the little guy, Anne!
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hope she gets lots of rest and takes care
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Pass on to Anne that we are all thinking of her and for her to take it easy on herself.
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Lotsa good vibes for Anne and the wee one. Please tell her that we miss her, but we'd rather she take care of herself and the baby -- we'll be fine.
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MA, let Anne know we love her and want her to get the rest she and baby needs. We'll all be here to welcome her and the baby back when the *right* time comes. In the mean time she should rest and we'll pray for her
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