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Pregnant cat with heart problems, will she live? :(

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My 1 year old cat who I had since a kitten, recently found out she had heart problems, she had water on her lungs which she takes tablets for, my vets said because of her heart if she got pregnant she'd die but her kittens would survive, I not long found out she's pregnant because her nipples, belly and the way she's walking, I'm worried sick, I love her and don't want her to die, she haven't had her lung tablets for 3-4 months but she's fine, better than ever despite the vets saying she needs her tablets otherwise she'll die, my vets are a charity so not exactly vet experts, will my baby girl survive? Thanks x jade
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What did the vet say about spaying?  Did they adviced against as too dangerous??


If they didnt commented, ask them what about spaying.  My guess is, a well prepared spaying should be easier on her, less risky,

than a delivery,  where you really dont know anything.



Good luck!

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I think she may be over 9 weeks pregnant:/, what will getting her spayed do? Now she's pregnant wouldn't it be useless or...? I'll do anything to help her! Thank you
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Originally Posted by Loving my cats View Post

I think she may be over 9 weeks pregnant:/, what will getting her spayed do? Now she's pregnant wouldn't it be useless or...? I'll do anything to help her! Thank you

Discuss spaying / cesarean with your vet anyway.   Prepared spaying will surely save her live.  Although the kittens will die unless the spaying done literally hours before the delivery. and cesarean.

So whatever you do, you must prepare her and yourself to a rush in.


Otherwise,   you had de facto decided.   Its to pray to God, and prepare to take care of orphans.  Gears, kitten milk, etc...

With a little luck they may perhaps survive.   Although my guess is, if you want to save the kittens, you will have to make a cesarean anyway when the delivery begins and she fails.

Costly? yes.  Save the life? Perhaps.


Im sorry, I dont know what other answer I can give you.   I cant say, "dont worry, be happy, everything will be OK".   It is not OK.

With Gods help and lotsa of luck, everything may be OK in the end,  but you dont have any safety here at all in this here situation.

Mind, its at most one week left of the pregnancy.   Kittens usually dont make it if  delivered /or cesarean too early, unlike human babies.




@tulosai, @catwoman707

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My heart goes out to you, I'll pray for a safe delivery, there ARE miracles! Good luck and God bless, keep us posted!

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Unfortunately I can only agree with StefanZ.  


Why do you think she is over 9 weeks pregnant? Has the vet told you so? Have you consulted with the vet about this pregnancy? Cat pregnancies only last 9 weeks, if it is really at over 9 weeks she should probably be having the kittens literally today or tomorrow.  If not, it is an (even more) dangerous situation.  It is very rare for cats to deliver more than a few days early or late and when they do it usually means big problems. 


If you haven't already, the first thing I would do is take her into the vet and discuss spaying.  You would be surprised how late in pregnancies cats can be spayed (though the cost usually does go up).  This is because kittens born more than just a few days early usually can't survive- it is not like humans where a week or a month or even 2 months one way or another isn't such a big deal.


If you choose to let the pregnancy continue or if it has to, I don't see how you can expect the cat to survive given that your vets have told you she will not survive.  I am sorry because I know that sounds harsh,but it's the only advice I can give based on what your vets have clearly told you.  I also really don't understand why you haven't given her her lung tablets for 3-4 months when they told you she needs them? I know she seems fine to you but cats are very good at hiding problems and pain.  I'd resume giving her all recommended medication.


Good luck and please tell us how she gets on, but above all please get her to a vet and try to have her spayed.  


Should she die during delivery and you need tips on how to care for the orphan kittens, we can help with that at that time. 

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By the sounds of it I ain't got much options:/, I know if she's going to die there's not much I can do but I will try my best, il make an appointment with the vet to discuss my options, il pay any price if it means it'll boost her chances of survival!. I now think she may be about 5 weeks pregnant because I had my baby 5 weeks ago and whilst in hospital I got told by my parents (who we're looking after my cats) that poppy was making noises and my male was on top of her, they did break it up but obviously abit to late. I haven't given Poppy her tablets because there were problems for a while, my Mam went into hospital, my Nan died and I had problems in my pregnancy with my son, I was also having money problems but I thought everything was going to be Ok in the end, my son turned out fine, my partners going self employed in 3 weeks, things were going to change. I've been reading about poppies heart problem and I think she may have had heart failure that's why fluid build up, the vet didn't really explain much other than her heart valve or wall is bigger than normal:/ I understand her chances of survival are slim but it's hard to accept she could be dead within a few weeks frown.gif thanks for your replies! Il keep you updated on what the vet says etc... Thanks again, jade x
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