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How exciting!

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Im such a dork, I know. But this morning I woke up to a cat kneading my chest. Who was it??
ABBY!! :flash: :kitty5:
It was the first time shes done that. Morgan did it with me right away, Jayce I think has a few issues (hes such a strange cat.. is it possible he might have some brain damage?) and Abby has always been a little standoffish. So this is exciting! I was thrilled
I noticed her being much more friendly in the last week or 2, but now with her kneading my chest I think she might finally like me
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Cool! Sounds like she is happy and comfy!
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How wonderful! I am sure that made your day!
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I must be rich cause 'oliver' wakes me in the middle of the night lookin for love, and in the morning, and as soon as I walk in the door and sit down in the evening... before bed... ...

Yeah, he's a bit of a pussy :p
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Mamakat - I LOVE your cat progress stories! You love your guys so much and deserve the best in return!!
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Aww, that is so sweet!
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Thanks Mom Of Many, and everyone else
Im really happy with how my new little family is doing Its so exciting and fun I just have to share. Thanks for all the advice you have given through the whole thing, too.
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Cats rock!
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That's so sweet of Abby.
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That is so sweet, good to hear things are progressing so nicely!
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