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Enough Space?

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I have two cats I plan to keep them indoors, but I was wondering if the bigger male would be happier to be outside part of the time? I mean it's a quiet street and I would keep him in at night.
I know the wisdom is indoor only, but I am wondering if that is always true? I mean he kind of looks at me like, "I am bored in here now" and seems more and more frustrated and walks up to the door and looks out the window.

Just checking for opinions! Thanks!
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If you have a lot of land I see nothing wrong with having inside/outside cats. But if you live in the city, then I would keep the cats in. You can invest in cat condos, if you go to our homepage on this website you will see two ads there for merchants that carry products for cats to help increase their activity level- catsplay.com and feline furniture company. You can do things like move a favorite chair near the window, so he can look out- make him a ball bin- just get a few ping pong balls, a huge cardboard box and cut some holes in the box off the floor level, big enough for him to jump in and out of, throw the balls inside and let him play in there.

My cats are inside/outside, but they are also rescued ferals. They know the property and they pretty much stay put. Our oldest guy Cleo never stays around here long, he has been moving between our home and the other farms and houses in the area since he was old enough to do so. He has only been in the house a few times, each time he destroyed the room trying to get out.
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It's the suburbs. A quiet street, with a big backyard. I am still debating this, thanks for the advise on the condo's etc. that might be the answer.

I just wonder about their natural behavior. Is is natural for a large male cat to just stay in the house all day?
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No staying in houses is not natural for any cat, but they adapt rather well if you keep them interested and motivated. Neutering him regardless if he is an inside cat will help as well and cut down on spraying incidences.

It is not natural for cats to stay indoors, but it is undeniably safer for them.
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He's definetly neutered. Well I will have to think on this. I just see the neighbors cats frollicking outside and they look so happy. And mine looks bored. I have a ton of toys for him. But that isn't cutting it anymore.
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Marge, I would never let my cats run outside. Even if you do not have a busy street, there are far to many dangers out there. Even the human dangers, you know, people that don't like cats and who are cruel to animals. If you want to let your cat out, get a leash and a harness. Make sure it is a harness and not a collar. With a collar, your cat can choke if it gets cought on something. With a harness, if your cat would get cought on something, most of the weight is under the front legs and chest, just like when you pick your cat up. But if you do tie him on a leash, make sure he is not left alone. Don't go away with him tied out or go to bed and leave him out all night. I have 8 cats and most never go out. They seem to keep each other entertained But i do take some of mine out for a walk in the yard or a ride in the car. I have a few who enjoy the car rides
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I hear a lot about the human dangers. I hadn't thought of that. In my childhood neighborhood we always let the cats out, no problem. But that was a different era I suppose.
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Is there any possibility of putting a cat enclosure in your yard? Every time I get an issue of "Cat Fancy" and look at the ads, I think how much easier life would be if we were still living in North America. Here are some sites: http://www.cde-animalcages.com or http://www.CatCages.com or http://www.cdpets.com . I've had to opt for a screened-in balcony and harness & leash.
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