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scared of what doctor might say...

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I remember seeing something similar posted not too long ago... I think I might have found a lump... I'm going to see my family doctor on the 29th to have her check it out. I'm scared, because I can feel a definite difference between them...

Has anyone else been through this? What should I expect? (I'm 24, and have never even had a mammogram...)
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Go to the doctor ASAP! I will keep you in my prayers! I am only 21 and haven't had one either...good luck!
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My thoughts are with you, I hope it is benign. Hang in there
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Positive thoughts are with you.
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I know it is difficult, but please don't scare yourself prematurely. Breasts are really prone to being lumpy. They become lumpy when we first enter our menses, they change as we grow up, they react to breast feeding, pregnancy, changes in our hormones and aging. It is good you do self-exams, and even better that you are going in to get checked. Years ago they found some lumps in me, it turned out to be calcium deposits and they were dissolved. As I said, it could be anything, and stressing yourself out ahead of time is not going to help you here.
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I totally agree with Hissy. Don't get yourself sick worrying. There are so many things it could be that are totally benign and I'm sure it is one of them!
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Does the lump hurt ? If it hurt you cant do a mammogram , that would be to painfull for you . Well they squise (sp) your breast with some metal plate together and make a x-ray in two differend position , from top and the site . It is really not a big deal , well I say that since I have to do it every year . If you are in a lot of pain they can make a ultra sound too . But you have to go first to the Dr. and let him check it out . It may be nothing at all , so don't worry now . I hope everything will be fine with you .
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I will keep my fingers crossed that everything is ok! Sending prayers!
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Been going thru lump biopsies for the last 8 or so years. First the mammogram, followed by the ultrasound, and if after those 2 it is still suspicious, they often do a biopsy. The easiest biopsy is a simple needle aspiration, which the first one scared me and after that I don't bother with getting numbed (I typically have 1-2 a year). A slightly more complicated one is an out-patient, fully awake one where they do a small incision - still isn't all that bad. Worst case biopsy is in an operating room totally under. (I've had all three).

Get the tests done soon to ease your mind. The thought of what you might have is very scary and usally unfounded - but you can't ease your mind until you go thru the tests. If you read about the percentage of woman with lumps to the percentage that have malignant cancer, it is highly in your favor to have benign tumors or simple cysts.

(((hugs))) to get you thru the next few days!!
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Ditto with what momofmany said- I have been going thru the same thing since 1996 and have had various tests done.

Due to my young age with my first lump in the breast, an ultrasound was done instead of mammogram. This might happen to you also. The reason for this shared by one of my doctors was that ladies who have not breastfed tend to have breasts which are more dense so mammograms doesn't work too good with these and ultrasounds works better.

I personally prefer Ultrasounds over Mammorgrams because there's less discomfort and pain with ultrasound.

I know how scary it can be and it's good that u are getting it checked out. Hang in there.. Keep us posted..
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Positive vibes are on the way!!!
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I have no adivce but can send you calming thoughts!-
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i know it is easy to say dont worry, but i know i would also, but alot of times its nothing, my mom had 2 and they were both nothing, sending you postive vibes (((((( hugs ))))))) stay postive!!
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do they remove benign lumps? If that's what it happens to be, would I have to live with it for the rest of my life? As far as I know, there's no history of breast cancer in my family.
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A friend of mine had lumps and they were benign - doctors said that she had to stop drinking coffee or drink decaf - the lumps went away...
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
A friend of mine had lumps and they were benign - doctors said that she had to stop drinking coffee or drink decaf - the lumps went away...
Really??? How very interesting. But I doubt that's what causing my concern, since I don't drink coffee, or tea for that matter.
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Originally posted by thh20
do they remove benign lumps?
They can and I've had it done. If they are cyst-like, sometimes they will take out the underlying tissue where the cysts form so that they don't come back. I had that procedure done last year.

My doctors tried to sway me off of all caffeine and chocolate - they contribute to cysts. I can live without chocolate (yes, I'm weird), but if I don't have my diet coke in the morning, I'm a nightmare to live with. They finally gave in and told me that the stress from getting off caffeine would be worse than drinking it. LOL
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Are there other foods that can cause lumps? Other than coffee and chocolate, I mean. The reason I ask is because I'm lactose intolerant, and I'm also going through a barrage of tests to find out why I'm having digestive problems. I've been having problems with something very similar to IBS for over a year now. It's not IBS, and my doctors are stumped... Everything is normal, except for my electrolyte levels. Maybe the 2 are related somehow?
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I've never been advised of anything other than caffeine and chocolate as contributors, but there are different types of lumps and those apply to the kind that I have. I had IBS when I was in my late teens and didn't get lumps until my mid-thirties. To rid myself of the IBS, I switched from an ulcer style diet (my father had an ulcer so we ate bland food growing up) to a higher fiber, high spice diet - it solved the IBS problem. Never checked if there was any correlation to a diet change and later cysts.
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