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Man survives plunge over Niagara Falls

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Is this man an idiot? Do you think he did it delibrately or was it an accident? Was it a suicide attempt?If it was delibrate he should get a heavy fine IMO! from cp24.com

The Falls Guy

What would possess a man to step over a barricade, slide down an embankment and hit the water in Ontario's fall temperatures? Those questions are strange enough, but when you consider the 'water' was Niagara Falls, and the swimmer apparently went over it wearing nothing but the clothes on his back, the story gets even stranger.

A 39-year-old Michigan man may be in hot water, after apparently becoming the first person to ever survive going over the mighty waterfall without a safety device. Police won't release the man's name, but witnesses say they say him climb over the barrier Monday afternoon, and slide his way into history.

After going over the rushing rapids, staff on a tour boat threw him a life preserver, but the current swept it away. So he swam back to shore, and was helped up by emergency personnel. And it appears he simply walked away from the ordeal.

Witnesses were shocked by what they saw, with many convinced they were watching a suicide attempt. "He jumped and slid down on his backside and went over the brink," a still stunned Lynda Satelmajer recalls. "It was really freaky, actually. He was smiling."

The man is listed in stable condition in a local hospital. But if police find he did it on purpose, it's his wallet that may not stay healthy. The fine for such behaviour is $10,000.

October 21, 2003
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Holy Macaroni. But also, what a nincompoop!
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What made him think he could survive?
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Goodness! Well if they ever release his name, he will get his 10,000 dollars back quick enough- if they fine him. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go into the churning tower of water intentionally?
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According to the morning news, he did it on purpose. They played a telephone interview, that he did with a Detroit paper.

Several of his friends were, also interviewed. They all made Goober Pyle look like a Rhodes scholar! No wonder that this fool was dumb enough to dive over Niagara Falls.
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I heard about this on morning radio. Apparently he had been talking with his brother who was quite sure that it was survivable if he went over at just the right place. Apparently they gave it some thought, because he obviously did survive.

Can you say book deal?
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I saw this on the news. I'm just so amazed he's still alive.
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NOW, he's claiming that he was suicidal. Looks as though he's trying to get out of the criminal charges.

Ok, you Canadians, take Goober's 10 grand and drop him on the American side ---- of the Falls!

(If anyone's a candidate for a Darwin award, this one is!)
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