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:laughing2: :laughing2: I almost said Oakleys, but was afraid you'd make some crack about a teachers salary! :laughing2: :laughing2:

Next time I'll go with my first instinct!

I lose sunglasses so fast, I just buy 'em in bulk at the Dollar store!

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Hi Deb!
i think i woyld feek aflattered but in the same time embarrassed. Next time you two meet try to make loght of it like saying something like "Who Me'
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They are my one and only pair. They have been sent back to Oakley so many times to be repaired that I have lost count. I originally invested because as a contact lens wearer, my eye doctor always cautioned me to wear good sunglasses, as my eyes are sensitive to light. It became even more important after I had Lasik last year. Now I can't even venture outside without them.
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I think that not knowing the person, it may have flattered me, but then again it is hard for me to say in a situation like that. Most likely it would have offended me. I did have this happen to me at work, though. This guy would work overtime on the days that we work. He always told me how pretty my eyes were, how nice I would look in a nice short black dress, things that I felt were unappropriate. He knew my husband, too! (my husband and I work the same shift). It got to the point where I felt very uncomfortable. So, one night I confronted him! What did I get in return?????? He turned it around and said it was from the bottom of his heart (trying to kiss my @$$ about it), and then went on to say "Why do I work with you in the first place"? or something to that nature. The guy was 45, single, and had children, one of them was fairly young. So, I asked how he would feel if a guy did that to his daughter? He really didn't have anything to say. Anyways, as the weeks went on, he would come in on overtime; I thought things had gotten better. WRONG! He got mean and rude with me. If I didn't look at him in the eye when he was talking, he would make a rude remark. I finally told my supervisor, and he was supposed to talk to him, but never did. After a while, overtime was cut out, and I never saw him again. But, having to deal with the repurcussion (sorry, spelling) was the worst part. I did nothing wrong to deserve what I got for telling him to back off. This guy would always tell me about his sex life too. You know that is something I really don't care to hear about from anyone!!

I think men don't think when they say something to a woman. They don't consider how women are going to feel after they said something "nice," when really it wasn't at all!! It is all about perception, I guess?
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