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Cats waking you

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We have 3 indoor cats and only one will sleep with you. Because the cats start running and playing at midnight, I wear earplugs to bed some nights. Well last night I had my earplugs in and Nemo was sleeping with me and at 1am he woke me up trying to pull the earplug out of my left ear . The bedroom door was shut and I could not hear him meowing, to be let out so he did the next best thing, get that plug out of my ear
Cats Rule
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LOL Clara - since I can't hear the boys, Peedoodle wakes me and hubby up by tapping our shoulders. Hes really smart that way!

Sometimes they run around on the bed too.
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Another thing about Nemo, he can not stand the wrist brace I wear at night when sleeping. If my right arm is out he will start pulling the the velcro straps, trying to get if off my wrist. He attacks it and pulls and pulls to where I have to hide my arm under the blankets.
He is a sweetie.
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That is so hilarious! Mittens has to stay in another room while we sleep...or he literally keeps us all night howling to want to drink from the bathtub even though his water bowl is always full!! Zack went to Dallas overnight last month and I let Mittens sleep with me..that lasted about an hour, and then finally I had to put him in his room because he knocked almost every picture frame and what-not over in the house!! He is an attention kitty!!
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I can definately relate to the midnight rompings!!! Why do they sleep from 8pm on and then go wild at midnight? *screams*

Saki wakes us up by licking our faces and purring in our ears
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Merlin meows and if that doesn't work he will put his cold nose on my face and paw at my head. He does it 2-3 times everynight. We can't lock him out of the room or he batters his poor little paws raw batting them against the door - and he howls. He is such a momma's boy!
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Toe-B has just gotten where he sleeps with me when John's working at night. The first time, he slept in the middle of my back. He woke me up by washing my cheek, nibbling on my ear, and shoulder.

Last night, I felt him laying in the middle of my back again. I thought okay, be good, sleep. A little later, I could feel something poking my right butt cheek. Toe-B had turned around and was padding my butt! Boy, did I make him move real fast!
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I've been rudely awaken to kitty claws on the butt too!

Earl stays up late, usually, and Ophelia has to get loves when he comes to bed. That always includes her prancing up and down while getting petted, and apparently I make the best prancing pad. And of course she has to knead, and my rear end is apparently just kooshy enough for her. Not too bad when I've got the comforter on, but when it's just a sheet....OUCH!!

Trent just comes up and whines in our faces.
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Yup, my cats would like to wake me up, but only on my day off, I get up so early for work that I wake them up!
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Kjartan the purring alarm clock wakes me up between 5 and 6 AM (I want to get up at 630). He noses you in the face, sneezes on you, licks your nose, exhales in your face (oh god no!), and if I keep ignoring him he finds a nice soft piece of flesh (not face or torso) and bites. Grrrr...

And if I feed him at five he is back for more at 6.
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after midnight...mine like to wake me up every 1.5 hours...and they always come up with a new way or reason to do it...SIGH...gotta love them anyway.

i've been lucky enough not to have any claws in my butt though...i'll say that much!!
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boy boy is a very vocal fella when he wants things done.. so he wakes me or my mom up by screaming in our ears... making it really sure that we hear him and sometimes if i were to ignore him, he would squeeze himself onto my bed and insist that he gets space or whatever he wants.....
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lol seems like night time is when cats wanna play
patches does this too - the little stinker
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At 4:00 AM I receive the usual massage on my arms and chest. A massage made with sharp claws. It tickles and it hurts at the same time!
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Mr has discovered that the most effective tactic is to step on my bladder. 16 pounds of cat concentrated in that one spot is enough to get me out of bed.
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Oh yeah... right about 4:00 a.m. I wake up to a 20 pound orange boy marching (and drooling) on my chest... Once I catch my breath, Spot usually starts bolting on and off the bed at lightening speed while meowing...

My boys should be grateful they are cute...that's for sure

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