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Sexual Identy is wired into Genes

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Taken from cp24.com

Mapping The Mind

Theories that homosexuality and transgender sexuality are a choice are being slammed, thanks to new research out of California.

On Monday, researchers reported that sexual identity is imprinted into people’s genes, which discounts concepts about choice.

“Our findings may help answer an important question - why do we feel male or female?†said Dr. Eric Vilain, a genetics professor at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, in a statement. “Sexual identity is rooted in every person's biology before birth and springs from a variation in our individual genome.â€

After conducting experiments on rodents, scientists discovered there were 54 genes made in different amounts in the brains of female and male mice.

Vilain’s team found that the brains of both sexes were different in both anatomy and function.

Some of the diversities spotted included the two hemispheres of the brain seeming more symmetrical in females. And Vilain thinks that might boost communications between both sides of the mind, triggering females’ advanced verbal powers.

Now the experts are going to tackle the tough task of figuring out what importance each of the 54 genes have.

“Our findings may explain why we feel male or female, regardless of our actual anatomy,†said Vilain. “These discoveries lend credence to the idea that being transgender - feeling that one has been born into the body of the wrong sex - is a state of mind.â€

October 20, 2003
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Boy that sorta puts a new spin on homosexuality being 'sinful'. If you were 'created' that way, it doesn't make much sense to say its wrong, does it? Make someone a homosexual and then condemn them for it...

Definitely food for thought for the people who think its 'an abomination', IMO.
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I agree with Melissa.
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I think we ought to bring this to the attention of the episcopalians (sp), seems they are about ready to split because of this issue.
But hasn't this been an arguement for a number of years??

Honestly I don't care which it is, genetic or choice, anyone has a right live life the way they want.

If my children "decide" that they are gay or lesbian, BIG FREAKIN DEAL, they are still my children, I helped create them, so i gue+ss you could say I had a hand in it..

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This is my favourite bit...

Originally posted by adymarie

After conducting experiments on rodents

I feel for those rodents, specially if they were not gay...lol

But in all seriousness, frankly modern science leaves a lot to be desired with their research, one day its yellow the next is white and the following day its green. Remember chocolate is it good or bad? depending what month you remeber it may be both!
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i've argued for years that to at least a certain extent that it's hardwired into us... i had a friend at the age of 8 realize that she had romantic feelings towards a female teacher, and she was never attracted to men. to say that an 8 year old CHOSE to be attracted to the same gender is ridiculous!

i've agreed with most comments said so far....but since i understand the complexities of the researching and experimenting process, you won't hear me knocking it. methods will continue to improve and become more sophisticated, and maybe someday, we'll have a magical answer in seconds that won't need to be amended.
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