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Toronto kidnapping eerily similar to the Elizabeth Smart Case.

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I can't even imagine what this poor family is going thru. This is just the 3rd ever Amber Alert in Toronto - the last 2 ended up with deaths. Taken from Why do people do things like this?
Innocent Lost

The frantic search for Cecilia Zhang continues.

The nine-year-old was discovered missing from her Whitehorn Crescent home in the Finch-Highway 404 area at about 8:30am Monday. That’s when her parents entered her room and realized to their horror that she wasn’t there. Reports say a back window in the house had been tampered with and a tenant in the Zhang house thinks he heard a noise around 4am that morning.

Officers searched the neighbourhood late into the night, while a team travelled to the transfer station at Victoria Park and McNicol, leaving with four garbage bags. But investigators won't say what led themthere or what they found.

Meanwhile, a province-wide Amber Alert is in effect and police want everyone looking for Cecilia, and trying to figure out if they have any information that could be useful.

“We are appealing to anyone, anyone in the community who has information as to the whereabouts of Cecilia Zhang,†pleaded Sgt. Jim Muscat.

The entire city has been shaken by her disappearance, especially those who lived close to the grade four Seneca Hill Drive Public School student. Parents of playmates call her “wonderful†and “smartâ€.

The little girl is described as:

70 lbs.,
Shoulder length brown hair, with blonde highlights,
Brown eyes,
Good teeth.

CrimeStoppers is offering a reward for help returning her to her parents and police have set up a special hotline at: 416-808-8390.

October 21, 2003
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How sad I'm praying for hr safe return.
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That's horrible, and also reminiscent of the Klaas (sp?) case in CA. I hope she turns up alive.
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How terrible! I hope she returns home safely, soon!
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She is still missing....also a cat lover. There was a pic of her on the news last night with her cat. That poor kitty must be terrified as well with all of the police in and out of the house and her owner missing.
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I saw a picture of her on tv also, she is so cute - I really hope they find her safely.
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There is speculation in the media today that this may be a kidnapping for ransom. Its a tragic story. I just hope that they have some leads, and the poor child is returned to her family. Apparently they are not eating, or sleeping, they are just working with the police and volunteers, desperate to find her.
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Something seems very fishy in this case. What is the family into to have their daughter kidnapped?
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I hope they find this little sweetie soon!

That's too sad!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Something seems very fishy in this case. What is the family into to have their daughter kidnapped?
Oh my.... I haven't heard anything about that. Has there been any other news?
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Here is the most recent info....from

Ready To Talk

On Thursday night, missing nine-year-old Cecilia Zhang’s parents spent the first night in their Whitehorn Crescent home since she was taken from the house.Now they're ready to go public.

After spending the week distraught and sleepless, the couple finally felt rested Friday morning, according to Jack Jia, a spokesman for Raymond and Sherry Zhang.

Toronto police have now confirmed the parents will meet the media for the first time at 3:30pm Friday, to issue a personal appeal for the return of their daughter.

The decision to face the cameras wasn't any wasn't an easy one for the pair, who've been in virtual seculsion since Ceclia was taken early Monday morning.

"Somehow they got a better rest yesterday (Thursday overnight), but they are still anxious,†said Jia. “I don't want to get into too much other detail, but I do believe they are still praying that Cecilia will get back home safely.â€

The couple left their home this week so investigators could search for evidence. But officers haven’t talked about what might have been found, explaining that it could endanger the return of Cecilia.

Meanwhile, investigators are wrapping up their door-to-door canvass and search of Cecilia's neighbourhood and are concentrating on the more than 700 tips that have come in since the girl went missing.
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BTW - her cat's name is Happy.
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Are there any updates? This unfortunately hasn't been picked up by the news here. A home should be a sanctuary. How horrible that a child should disappear from what should be a safe haven.
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I've been praying for Cecilia since I heard that she'd gone missing.

Here's the latest article:
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This is so sad i can't imagine what they are going through
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Its another very sad story. Both the facts, that the poor little girl was abducted from her home, where she is supposed to be safe. And the rumours flying around, based on what the family and police are saying and not saying.

I think that the police have some idea of what happened. They are cagey about whether they have been contacted. The girl's mother, in a public statement, said she knew Cecelia was listening, and that she wanted her to know that her parents are not bad people.

And there is fairly well accepted speculation that this was a kidnapping for ransom. The police also state very strongly that they believe the child is alive and not hurt. Usually the longer the child is missing, the higher the liklihood that she is hurt or not alive. But I think from all of the statements the officials have made, they have clues they are following about her abductors and her whereabouts.
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This case really troubles me. Did anyone watch the news conference with the parents. The mother read a letter to Cecialia and "cried" throughout it. There was not a single tear on her face - it was dry. She sounded like she was sobbing, but I didn't even see 1 tear. Something is very fishy!
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latest info taken from

Searching For Cecilia

It’s been an entire week since nine-year-old Cecilia Zhang disappeared from her home. And now police have launched a new phase of their investigation.

Officers are talking to people in and around a donut shop near Airport Road north of the 407 in Brampton, about a phone call made to her home.

The call came from a phone booth near a Tim Hortons before 8:27am Oct. 20, when the Grade 4 pupil was reported missing to police.

Detectives talked to hundreds of coffee shop patrons, hoping to trigger their memories.

"But you never know, any little piece of information could point us to the right direction," said Sgt. Jim Muscat.

And he said officers are also looking into another call from Brampton that went to the Zhangs’ house. But he wouldn’t give any details about either call.

Meanwhile, Cecilia’s parents continue their desperate bid to have their daughter returned safely to them. They’ve launched a website - - that explains the case, and offers users a chance to send in information without identifying themselves.

Her mother, Sherry Xu, has also issued an open letter to whoever might have her beloved daughter. In it, she begs that Cecilia be sent home safe and sound. “I don't seek retribution and I will not hold you to account. I am begging you release my Cecilia,†she writes.

If you can help ease her pain with any information at all about the case, call 416-808-8390.
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She will also be featured on the show America's Most Wanted. They did a phone interview last week, and if she is not found they will show her story. I'm not sure if it will be on this week, or next.

I wonder if they have recieved a ransom demand yet, since I don't think the police would reveal that to the media. I hope she gets back home soon. It was so emotional watching her mother try to talk at the news conference.

It broke my heart.

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Here story will be on America's Most wanted Saturday. Here is the story from
Spreading The Word

Cecilia Zhang still isn’t home, and 10 million more people are going to know about it. That’s the number of viewers estimated to watch “America’s Most Wanted†every Saturday, as the show returns to the airwaves following a baseball induced hiatus.

The legendary crime-fighting program, which has captured over 700 criminals and reunited dozens of missing children with their families, will try to work the same miracle, when it features the case of the abducted nine-year-old Toronto girl. “Currently we've scheduled three minutes after the first commercial break for the Cecilia Zhang case,†reveals spokesman Avery Mann.

The show, which has the backing of the F.B.I. and other law enforcement agencies, is usually afforded special treatment, and this case is no different. Crews have been allowed to film the rear of Cecilia’s home, where a pried-open window stands as mute testimony to the crime that’s rocked this city for the last week.

The child’s distraught parents, Sherry Xu and Raymond Zhang, also taped a brief interview with producers following their heartbreaking statements at Police Headquarters last Friday.

The show has solved tougher crimes before. Host John Walsh claims his proudest moment came just last year, when a profile on Elizabeth Smart helped bring the kidnapped teenager home to her family in Utah.

"America’s Most Wanted" can be seen in Canada on the New VR Saturday nights at 9pm.

October 28, 2003
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For anyone who is interested, there is still no sign of where Cecilia Zhang is or why the girl was taken. Can you imagine trying to live your life each day and have no idea where your daughter is or if she is still alive? My heart goes out to anyone who is faced with this type of situation.

Here's the update:

Dad Clings To Hope
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Thanks for the update. I can't imagine what those people are going through. I'm sure the Smart case and the case of the little girl in Philadelphia have given them some hope, but I don't know how they make it through the day.
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All these kidnappings lately are so scary. I am terrified to turn my back for a second when I am out with my kids. I cant imagine going day to day not knowing where my child is or if they are hungry, cold, hurt, crying. I would go insane. It's even worse that these kids are being taken from their beds in their own homes!! Even if you got your child back, how could you ever sleep at night again? This world (or maybe just this country?) has gone completely crazy. My prayers are with her and her family and that she comes home soon.
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Toronto is in mourning. The body of Cecilia was found yesterday and police are not releasing many details about what they found. Here's an update for those who have followed this story in the past.

Innocent Lost

It would have been Cecilia's 10th birthday tomorrow.

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News like this makes it so hard to stay hopeful that anything will ever turn for the better..My prayers are with her family now
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That's so least her family can have some closure to the situation.
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Oh how sad. When I saw it up near the top I figured it would be someone asking if there was any news. Such a pretty little girl, and their only child. May she rest in peace.
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Unfortunately in a lot of cases like this if the child is not located within 24 hours chances of them being found alive are nil... the police white washed the public all winter insisting that she was still alive.... I firmly believe they should have better used their resources and went with the assumption she was killed.

Additionally whoever killed her put her in a spot that isn't easily accessible and knew that her body would be buried under mounds of snow over the winter.... a sick demented mind if ya ask me.
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Horrible. Nothing else describes it.
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