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Welcome to the Feline Genetics Forum!

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I am happy to announce our new expert forum dedicated to Feline Genetics!

Dr. Elizabeth Oltenacu from the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University, has graciously agreed to host this forum for the next 3 weeks. I wish to thank Dr. Oltenacu and to welcome her to our community!

I'm sure we are all about to learn so much about the fascinating subject of feline genetics, so go ahead and post your questions!
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Wow! I just noticed this!

Thanks alot Anne! It's going to be great!

Welcome Elizabeth!

King Regards
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I LOVE to learn about genetics. This should be great!!
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Looking forward to this!
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I'm really looking forward to reading all the interesting questions and responses here. Welcome to TCS, Elizabeth!
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Just to let everyone know, Dr. Oltenacu will not be checking into this forum on a daily basis. Please allow her the courtesy to do this on her own time as she did volunteer to host here as her schedule allows. Thanks!
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Thanks for all your welcomes! I'm looking forward to this, so let's hope I can get the hang of your technology...... It's like the system we use in my distance learning cat genetics course but it looks like you have a lot more "bells and whistles" than my ageing brain is used to!!
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This is wonderful! I am as interested in the questions as in the answers. What an enormous wealth of information is represented on this site!!! Thanks so much, Elizabeth a. and everyone who set this up.
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I guess I am a little late for the welcomming , but still want to say thank you for comming here on TCS and also WELCOME and thank you for your time in here
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Just to let you all know that I'm really enjoying this.......you're coming up with some good questions!
Sorry not to be able to check in every day, but I hope your waits are not too long!
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Gee Liz-

Does this mean that some of the members might be helping you outline the next course? *G* I have heard no complaints from anyone about the time frame, I have heard that people are appreciative and learning a lot. Thank you again for taking the time out to do this-
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I just want to say how much I have been enjoying this forum. I find both the questions and answers very insightful and informative. I feel that I have learned alot, and I love to learn.

Thank you!
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