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I am Being Followed!!

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Does anyone have a cat or kitten following you around?

My baby Chester, he is about 3 and half months old, follows me from room to room, then he finds a comfortable spot to go to sleep, and then as soon as I leave the room he follows me again, and then goes back to sleep. I think he is getting it from my dog (Zuby) who is 14 and has been following me around, also for 14 years. Or maybe he is just following the dog.

Anyway it is adorable to see him doing that.


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Mine does and he is 16 months old. Same scenario - I feel so flattered.
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yep, my 2 do it. I go into the kitchen. they follow. lay down, watch me. leave when I do. when I'm in one place for any longer than a half hour or so they will go do their own thing, but check back in on me sporadically.
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Niqui is always following me around. I can't tell you how many times I have almost tripped over him cause he is always under my feet. I love it though! He is just too cute!
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MooShoo is ALWAYS following me. He weaves in and out of my feet as I'm walking so I have to be very careful. I almost fell on him once but managed to break my fall and bruise myself pretty bad in the process. But I just LOVE a man who follows me around begging for attention.

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Since I am a new mommy to cats,(2) and Socki, my first, who is now 7 months doesn't follow me around I wasn't sure if cats normally do that. But from reading everyones replies I guess he is following me and not the dog. It is just too cute to see Chester doing that.

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Both my cats follows me everywhere I go! It can be really cute but sometimes dangerous if you are not paying attention to your walking! As Donna mentioned, cats can cause you to fall. That has happened to me a few times.

Enjoy it and yes it depends on the cat. My other cats in the past never did that. I am really enjoying it now with Sunni and Zebra.
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Wait until you have a minimum of 3 dogs (several very large) and 5 or 6 cats popping up in every room you are in except the kitchen (it's too small and I forbid anyone following me there) and the bathroom (only one person/animal can get through the small doorway at a time!). And they are so quiet about it that it is a little magical. On the other hand, when I have to shift my typing chair or get up to get something from another room, I have to beware of sleeping dogs (which you are supposed to let lie) and cats, and any movement begins a troop movement as well, which means if you go for a glass of water and go back to sit down again, you meet the whole herd head on, and there is a kind of stylized tangle until everyone gets headed in the same direction again.

You may notice that some of your cats sleep through all this. They are usually the ones who either expect very iindividual quality time and never follow the herd, or they are the territory-bound cats who really like you well enough, but not to the point of disturbing their sleep to be in the same room with you. Occasionally it only means that a particular cat is just too lazy to shift. After all, why are you moving about in their prime sleep time?

Observe the variations and you can generally pick out the cats who will stay with you even when you don't have much more than bread crusts to feed them -- and the others who like you well enough, but find the food next door a lot more plentiful. My present cat/dog count is 16/5 that I consider in-house family.
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A frequent expression I use: "Everywhere I go, she goes". Roxy follows me EVERYWHERE (even into the bathroom) where she jumps onto the toilet tank and sits there while I "go". Also, sometimes I'm sitting on my chair when I'm on the computer and she HAS to jump up and sit on my lap. One of our favorite things is when I'm making the bed in the morning and just before I pull the comforter on, she jumps up onto the bed and lays down right in the middle. I think she thinks that if she can keep me from making the bed, then I can't leave for work! I always have to allow extra time during this 'chore' because it ends up being a 2-3 minute play session! I have resigned myself to the fact that they run the household; I just pay the rent!
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Catspride wrote: "any movement begins a troop movement as well, which means if you go for a glass of water and go back to sit down again, you meet the whole herd head on, and there is a kind of stylized tangle until everyone gets headed in the same direction again."

Lotsocats speaking: That made me laugh! What a great visual image!
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The sad thing is that no one but me can see this behavior. As soon as anyone else is in the house, my cats either find business elsewhere or the settle down on a blanket with their favorite dogs and wait out the visitors. I tell sister (who is in another country) about the cat-and-dog tricks, and she writes back "uuh-huh...." But then, how privileged I feel to be the only person to enjoy all this theater...!
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Kitty will follow ANYONE if they head down the hall towards the bathroom (even my 9 year lod son who she usually stays away from). If we stop anywhere along the way she will stop and look back and meow at us like she's telling us to come on and hurry up. Her foos dish is in the bathroom, and she only wants to eat if someone is with her. Heaven help me if I want to do a load of laundry instead of going into the bathroom with her, she stands at my feet, rubbing against my legs and meowing at me until I'm done, then I usually just walk into the bathroom to make her happy; she goes to her bowl and I walk back out; she'll eat a few bites and then follow me.

If I walk into the kitchen, she'll follow and sit and watch me, but if it's anyone else she won't bother. When I get home from work, she's in the window watching me, then either goes and lays on my chair, or sits on the coffee table and watches me until I sit on my chair, then jumps onto my lap, and begs for some of my water. She knows I always have a water bottle and wants her share; after she gets it she will lay on my lap, and won't move unless someone goes down the hall towards the bathroom.....

If I am outside working in my flower beds, she sits in whatever window is closest to me, begging to come outside. I will usually put her in her carrier and bring her outside with me (she loves being outside, and this is the only way I will let her come out). This makes her happy, since she can still see me when I'm in one of the sections where she can't see me from a window.

Can you tell who's really in charge at our house???
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My 2 cats follow me everywhere, too. Even to the bathroom. When I'm using the toilet, Minnosh goes into her litter box, too ! In Turkey, there are toilets which are actually on the floor (I don't know how to describe it but, it's like a hole on the ground ) Minnosh while following me to the bathroom (actually not the bathroom, but the "toilet" room only), she learned to use that "hole" by herself ! She likes watching me as I'm taking shower Now Yumosh started doing the same things, so Minnosh stays behind (they didn't become close friends yet )

My cats also like jumping on the bed in the morning while I'm putting the bed cover. They love it when I move my fingers under the cover It's like a ritual every morning

And yes, they will be in the same room with me until I sleep. But as soon as I put my head on the pillow, they start chasing each other; :blossom: as if they were waiting for me to sleep ! :tounge2:
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One of my furbabies constantly follows me round the house, upstairs, downstairs, in the kitchen, he even has to watch me loading up the washing machine (in fact he usually checks it out as soon as I open the door!) But he doesn't just follow me - he talks to me while hes doing it!! Tooo cute...

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