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Apples choosing

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I've got a small little problem.. i think you guys can help me with... how do you guys choose apples from a supermart???
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I think if they are firm and unblemished, they should be okay. Fuji apples are the BEST.
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I think Braeburns from New Zealand are the best eating apples. We can get them from Washington too, but they aren't as good.

However, if I'm baking a pie, I use golden delicious. I think they have the best flavor when cooked.

Mmmmm...apple pie....mmmmm...
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Blemishes may or may not be a problem (if you're buying organic you'll see more blemishes). Look for unpunctured skin and firmness with good color. I prefer Granny Smith. For me, the harder the better and I like mine cold.

For health's sake, though, make sure the skin is not cut in anyway.
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I love Braeburns as well - I didnt knwo they were just a NZ thing, I thought you could get them here, no wonder I haven't been able to find them.
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Our locally grown Macintoshes are AWESOME! They are firm and tart- just the way I like em.

I look for unbruised and firm apples- also ones that have more green than dark red on them, because they are usually 'less ripe' and firmer.
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I love our locally grown Macintosh - great baking apples that have a wonderful smell. I also like granny smith apples for baking. I look for firm apples and then I smell them. I also like my apples cold.
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What kind of apples are available in Singapore? I look for firm, non-blemished with no signs of worms (no holes in them). I won't buy them if they were waxed (makes them shiny for appearance sake and I have to wash off the wax).
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momofmany, in singapore we import most of our apples from US, china and some other countries. we have washington apples but I like fuji apples... they are very crunchy...yum yum....
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